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  1. hello, i trying to make 3 lifes system, and when lifes = 0 restart scene, its working grt but instead taking -1 from 3 it takes ~50. var LIVES : int = 3; function OnCollisionEnter2D (hit: Collision2D) { if(hit.gameObject.tag == "enemy1"){ LIVES = LIVES -=1; } } tried to google, but no luck. how to change that "LIVES = LIVES -=1;" line that it takes just 1 life per second, and if i stop hitting collider (enemy) it stop cunsuming those 3 lifes
  2. well i beginer to all this so dont know everythin about a server i thinking they hold server on theyr pc and network, jus need a ip so other person with that ip could log in. so imagine a game where u press create a server, then player pc would be a host with uniqua ip, that ip would be send to master server which hold all ip's ... well hope u get the idea i not sure is it posible or not but that mine idea
  3. i trying to make a online game menu, and thinking about master server that shows players all current awailable servers... is there a way to make it via msql or make xml or txt files/file in web hosting that when player make server it would be rewrited with new ip adreses and etc...?
  4. well as example, mmorpg game with registartions and login, i read that msql is not safe way. is there are safe system of such thing, how other ppl do that?
  5. yes its realy easy, everyone could do it, just need to studdy a little
  6. well, the final result will hawe more than just a car, but allso tuning, garage, money, races... allmost finished one track game
  7. youp, kit will be this from web play, but probably without a nitro, i now need a friction loss when on bake and handbrake, but its tricky to me its just a learning for my, not somethin special
  8. hello i pretty much finish my nitro system for all cars, doesn't matter if car based on cs or c# and no code need to edit in car or nitro script, i tried to make it similar to nfs c system. script written in cs language features adjustable nitro tank capacity, power, use and refill rate . particle effects from rear lamps or exhaust (you need your own particle effects and in demo i didn set it up, i will update demo when i found some time). camera shake and fading in/out vignette texture while nitro is boosting. there is one litle easy fixable glich, when nitro is emty if u hold left shift + w its still boost each percent of nitro that tank is reffil... whell see in a demo for now i didin't place it in unity store, and hawe quastion, is there somebody who would like to buy it and how much is it atleast woth to sell lol there is demo web play of my project, is based on unity car from beta assets available free in store web play demo : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/149353120/nitro%20system%20demo/nitro%20system%20demo.html video (in this vid version nitro is not adding additional car perforamnce): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwdqJB7Tph0&list=UUJNI1KRjHTRY66qThiKSU5Q
  9. hello, i need script thats creates toggle button of image effects, in my situations its SSAO Effect... one more thing, i need that its toogle effect from main menu, not pouse menu, and that main menu is in different scene that whole game. in other words to be sure i explained it good ---> ----> when u turn on game u see play game, option buttons... in options i need buton that toogle ssao in all scenes may creating .ini or .txt., .xml fille... thank you
  10. well i using madfinger shaders with one directional light, and that light effects just a car, meshes as much low poly as posible, moust of them is boxes with different UV, textures is ETC1 format, and i did that thing with child combine where is posible, there is no textures larger than 1028px, i gess only textures that is so big is sky sphere ones. and its run on less than ~500mb ram and adreno 205gpu, 1ghz single core cpu. if i remove coulpe of things, like that dusts on ground, and may simplyfie car shaders it run about ~20fps on hardware i had mentiones. i still a noob so not sure what to do more for optimization on mobile sory for bad english
  11. hello, i with my frnd was working on mobile racing game, bot we pause that projact for summer time... anyway i hawe 2 vids and wanna to show it we had tested it on xperia ray and xperia j... the one problem that xperia j was'nt rooted, with stock ics android which is naturaly laggy on 1core cpu devices, and even temple run is not playable on that phone, so ours game was laggy to.... in vids we playing it on pc, couse i broke my xperia ray screen and xperia j is to laggy to record anything :/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI_E-N2XCSg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb7vR-4sIsE please tell your opinions
  12. i was at my frnd house and he was to lazy to search for any software... at web play is much better than a wideo, for shaders im trying to use mobile diffuse shaders, and just some of simple diffuse for pc to get better performace bicouse each house model hawe a lot of materials
  13. well simly i was at my frnd house, and ask him to make the video and upload to youtube, couse at my house is slow internet, but he was to lazy to look for any software at wideo is wrong textures, at webplay i using better ones and trying to make small textures and repeat it
  14. i am making my hometown, trying to make it as much photorealistic as posible, in some certain camera positions it's look's realy nice, but still need to change a lot of textures, anyway, its just a small piece, but about atmosphere, its realy good, and looks wery similar in how in reality it looks like. there is old vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBM8PyaL_6s&index=6&list=PLxQaTDTVGYLn4ovjN6XCAQncOA_TiBYuu in this textures is wrong,its just an concept which i just tested for find do i can reach somethin similar how it should feel like, in web play i provide below whole concep is much better, akkso i planing put some image effects and tcs, now i jus using indie features https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/149353120/gta%20butka%20%29/gta%20butka%20web%20play.html i am making this for fun, may i will give a try to friends who live in that town to the idea is that the gameply should be extremaly exciting for those frnds
  15. nice if u will release it i give a try to test it
  16. yas i need script of mobile touch that work on pc to
  17. hello, i need line of js that work on mouse click and touch creen to. well when u press button that it would work on booth platforms pc and mobile. if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) i know its simple line but i can't use cs code that i know inside js so easy. thank you again
  18. oh thanks, so thos 50m triangles/secons means than in unity stats view where i can see rendered treangles count, i can render 50m triangles at same time :/ or i understand it wrong
  19. hello, after my reasearch i discover that real racing 3 Cars have 30k polys, in scene there are more than 10cars... and adreno 205 gpu of my xperia runing it with no lag :/ in wiki i found that adreno 205 capable up to ~57M treangles per second. could somebody tell my how much polys = one trangle or triangles = 1 poly thank you 30k poly http://www.destructoid.com/three-titles-and-30-000-polygons-later-with-real-racing-3-245485.phtml http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adreno Adreno 205 inside the QSD8x50A (1.3 GHz), MSM7x30 (800 MHz+L2 cache), MSM8x55 (1 GHz+L2 cache). Its improvements include Hardware-accelerated SVG and Adobe Flash and better shader-performance than the Adreno 200. It supports OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenGL ES 1.1, OpenVG 1.1, EGL 1.4, Direct3D Mobile, SVGT 1.2, Direct Draw and GDI. (57M triangles/second, 539M pixels/second, clock speed up to 400 MHz)
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