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  1. Please login or register to see this link.



    what do you think ? :) its hawe main menu with all the stuff, and unlocking levels by pasing previous ones, game auto save ant etc:. :P i tested on mobile, no glich for now except few sound gliches, but i gess i will easy fix it :) 


    if u need textures i used in game i sharing these in this wid:


    Please login or register to see this link.

    these textures is mine so you can use in nay game you want, commercial and non commercial ;)


    i planing to place some ads in it and release to app store, how you think its worth to do that for few bucks to buy new or used phone? coz mine one is bricked and wont be revived cheap :/

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    i made build from real building, so as results this artifact :d this is for my game, exploring my town so... trying to achiefe as familar look as posible :) i was thinking not to include this one person artwork, but there was ppl who ask my to include :d

  3. hi :) i tried to make photorealistic building from my town :) this time i achiefe better results and there is a link 


    Please login or register to see this link.


    bad is that on web play graphic look not right, i mean textures from far distance blur and etc... i may will fix that when rebuild it :) look it up :P

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    yas i allso see several dj who asking to like theyr fb page for download to :) and even a browser based games, when u press to play they first as to like fb page of that game to enable play, nad like this on is similar Please login or register to see this link.

  5. Please login or register to see this quote.

    well if you dont want to give email, you can write a pm, not big problem here, all people who ask my and subscribe didnt wrote theyr adress and i didint ask them, just send a link to download,  and to get these assets i asked for subscription, not email, @ is optional, to be more yeasier comunicate. and i dont see a catch here, only condition is subscribe, no personal information or something, and i did tell it realy crealy, as i know catch would be, if it would be something more that i didnt mentioned, but as far as i can think about it, i did tell everything... well its person free will, i not forcing, just offering, you sayd you can live without it, and i not forcing you, its a free will to choose. and again for unethical thingy, dont see where yoiu see that :/ well its ur opinion, those people who will be satisfied with only one condition will accept my offer ;p

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    not forcing, i could say for peoples who sell theyr stuff same as you did say that forcing to pay money. if u dont want, you wont subcribe and u  allways can unscribe... anyway, you could pay money, or you could subscribe in youtube, i hellp peoples who cant do modeling, they hellp me, allso sharing more stuff i making in my free time, even if that not hihtes quality but could be usefol for somebody, dont see any unethical here. :P

  7. -------> Please login or register to see this link.   info how to download


    i offering my assets there :P all info there, there is few free unity tech demo assets, but you can remoove it if u want :P these can be seen in pic and video ^^



     Please login or register to see this link.






  8. Please login or register to see this quote.

    hi thank you for reply, i wanna make it rotate like a paper mario, i did roattion of sprite sucesfuly by this code 

    Please login or register to see this code.

    the problem is when player comes close to enemy i need that enemy rotate to player, i did it by this code 

    Please login or register to see this code.

    but then if i jump (my character can jump hiht) and when it lands back on the ground enemy again enter a triger and rotate, and its bad.... so anyway its full code here:

    Please login or register to see this code.

    how it works now. its play animation by this code 

    Please login or register to see this code.

     direction its just a name... and number 3 is a number to set which  animation to play...

    then its count a time, and then when reach right number recaunt again, enemy rotates, when it rotates, automaticly swich direction where to go (x axis). so now i need that it rotates to a player when it close enought :) in first post i show that it faces to a player wrong, turn about 55 degrees, but i need that it turns all 180 degrees.


    sorry for bad english, and code i wrote is my as beginer logic :) i trying to learn so do not be very strict with me ^^

  9. hi, i made a player and a enemy, now enemy walking on x axis with his own bussines, and when u hit it u lose life... one problem, enemy rotating when wallking but when u hit it it still walk and when time comes it roate... how to make that it face player ? i made 2d troger stay function, and when u hit enemy var attack = true and animation of attack play, but not rotate, the way i did rotate is not working with this situation, any hellp?


    i tried this script

    Please login or register to see this code.


    look at (target) but then they rotate sprite wrong





  10. hi i have variable called as Count, and i need that  each second it adds + 1, then when it reach 3, return to 0 and count gaain until 3... i tried like this:

    Please login or register to see this code.

     as you see, it wery simple, but not working :(((((((( why tf, i tried several ways but noneof them seems working to me, google allso didnt hellped :( someonecan help? i just learning all that stuff with programing

  11. hi, i made 2 animations (sprite/multiple) in animation bar, like placing a frames of my player then in made a animator and conect both animations (walk&idle) with new emty state (an arow) now cant figure out how to make it to play when i want, i made a script "enemycontroll.js" and for playing animation i add these lines in right places

    Please login or register to see this code.

    but its ask me for mark as legacy, problem is that, i cant coz my enemy char is a 2 animated sprites :/ (probably those is for 3d animations not 2d) so what js lines i should use to play animations from animator :/ i allso attack animator comonent to my enemy. tried to google couple of times, but its ewening in my country and i tired enought today :/ thank you

  12. i trying to make scene where all obijacts stands in right place where in reality they're standing, but it looks a litle far than in reality, the distances in centimeters is exacly how it should be but distnces looks biger. is it posible without field of wiew and making distances smaller make it look like i want? sory for bad english

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