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  1. Please login or register to see this quote.

    something like that, it have disabled gravity and some more, so less on physics. as simple as posible for best performance :)

    allso gonna finish it until no bugs and more features with great feel


    on profiler physics2D are taking 0.26ms and one call as far as i understand for game based on physics is quit good :)

    only one probles is the main script take ~170b garbage allocation (i just now learned about it)

  2. one more quostion, is <1kb gc is bad for android devices ? i have around 6ms cpu and 5ms gpu and 180fps on old laptop ( that dont run games like nfs mw 2006 on full res smoothly), is this good for android :d i have to powerful device to test my game, im targeting on lower performance devices

  3. yas i was reading right now and found what is gc, so i have approximately


    66 JatPack.js on Update

    128 moobingPlatform.js  on coroutine

    74 diamonds.js on Update


    //and these is default unity script of new ui or something

    200 ScroolingBehavior.LateUpdate 

    40 GameView.GetMainGameViewRenderingRect()

    110 particle Emiter on Update

    16  MobileControllrig on Update //2d character controler fromn beta assets


     so total is ~630

    could u suggest me how much i should cut of these garbages to increase fps noticeably

  4. hi, im working on my game optimization, for now i cut aut hell of code from bunch of script, now these script optimized much better, and in Update function i leaved as less code ass posible, but didnt notice no real fps increase :/


    i using proffiler to see what wrong, like this script 

    Please login or register to see this code.

    its so simple but as i see, its not fast as i want. when i copy paste 20 of obj with this script, fps drops instantly, if i have one, fps stays as it stays :/



    im uploading screenshot of profiller, can u hellp me to understand and find bootleneck? its 2d game with 2d sprites. soposed

    to be hi fps, but its just 170fps, and when i will export on android, it dramaticaly decrease for poor mobile hardware


    Please login or register to see this link.


    Please login or register to see this link.



    im new at optimization, so please hellp my to understand :)

    Please login or register to see this attachment.

  5. im working on 2d plane physics for a while,this is a result :


    Please login or register to see this link.


    download in youtube link :) its totally free to use, but need just credit my :d 


    for now there is a small bugs, but in next releases i will gonna fix all of them :) (its alpha right now)

    why its advanced? im trying to optimize code and include as much functionality as posible :) thats a reazon.


    if u hawe a suggestions, what i should include, you allways can comment :P

  6. hello, and sorry, dont know did i call title right but anyway :/ so i was making naimation for enemy and in animation itself i set that when u kill enemy it shrinks and moving would be disablet imideately be changing value in certain script (valuse changes from animation component, for more accuracy whichis important). but when i kill one enemy, all other enemies deadh to :/ it plays animation all together and disapear :// 



    do someone know how to make that when i kill enemy all other enemies would not be effected until i kill them individualy? but please i need to use animation from animation wiondow to disable scripts components for accuracy.


    Please login or register to see this link.

    this is what i mean when saying naimation window :d sorry for bad english and grammar :P

  7. Please login or register to see this link.


    so i was working on old j2me game physics, making replica of that in unity :) and this is what i achieved so far :d what do u think guys ?



    this is the by biplanes itself -->

    Please login or register to see this link.


    if someone want this as  a kit, writecoments :) i may will decide to share it ^^

  8. Please login or register to see this quote.
    Rigidbody2D.AddForce(force) assign attempt for 'blue plane v2' is not valid. Input force is { NaN, Infinity }.
    biplane controller:Update() (at Assets/biplane controller.js:44)
    Please login or register to see this code.
    alovedLiftLevel = curSpeed / 2;
    AngleCof = transform.position.z / 2;
    CalculatedLiftForce = Mathf.Lerp(CalculatedLiftForce,alovedLiftLevel,Time.deltaTime * (curSpeed * LiftMultiplier));
    rigidbody2D.AddForce(Vector2.up * (CalculatedLiftForce / AngleCof));

    rigidbody2D.AddForce(Vector2.up * (CalculatedLiftForce / AngleCof));   is 44 line


    dont know is my logic is good. i tried make a plane, and as fast plane flee, the hihter wings lift is, wings lift is addforce.


    1.calculate max aloved lift acording speed divided by 2

    2. calculate angle of z axis

    3. calculate final lift force

    4. add force to a rigitbody, and calculate it with degrees


    z axis need by lower lift when flying in certain degrees

  9. i want to get my z ahis and divide one number of that.


    like this


    curspeed / zAxis;



    coz you see thre are 3 axis, y,x and z. and i need just z value. my player is rotating by z axis, and i need divide speed from degrees of that z axis, but cant realy find how.


    transform.eulerAngles.z found this line, but i get eror something like Nan, infinity... or something


    speed = Xspeed / transform.eulerAngles.z;

  10. hi guys :) so i was playing around and making one small & old j2me game to android just for fun :) simple 2d plane flying and as faster biplane is fleeing as lower gravity become unityl 0. so need to make when one number is increasing , another equally decrease


    if (seepd = =1){

    gravity scale = 0;


    else if (speed == 0){

    garvity scale = 1;


    but i need to make it smooth coz both gravity and speed is float's. :/ i did everything but working with gravity is abit hard to me :)

     anyone could hellp me ?

  11. hello, i was serchin everywhere how to change gravity scale on 2d rigidbody, all i found is Please login or register to see this link.   


    the problem i dont know how to use it :/ may someone simly write my that funcktion, as example : Rigidbody2d.GravityScale = 1; (ofc one i wrote is wrong)


    its all need ^^ thank you

  12. hello ^^ i was post this once with different main character, but until now i made grt progres at game :P


    Please login or register to see this link.


    so whats realy new in this:


    scoore system, which saves when you pass level, you pass level when find certain treasure (in video is chilli pepper).

    money and npc shop system :).

    hearts and lives system, when you loose all hearts level restarts and you loose one live, when u loose all lives, gameover.

    medpack which heal ur wound and restore all hearts.

    heart item, it restore one heart, if u have all 3, you get one live.

    win and death animations :) controlls freeze when die while level restarts and when win until u go to next level.

    3 diferent fruit, some hidden, some not, and gives diferent amount of scoore and money.


    double jump cola buff. when buy or find cola can, icon with numer will be rendered, and when u press on that icon, u get buff thats enables double jumps until next level or death ,if buff is allready enbaled, u cant use another vola can, to avoid incident when u use all cans.


    in shop you can buy doublejump cola and extra live.


    fishs, spikes, lava, water that can hurt and kill you.


    i allso made jumpin on enemy to kill it, but first need to make ground enemies, (i mean not fishs).


    concept of main menu, i will redesign it, its just for temproary




    so guys what you think? :) do not be wery hard, i dont hawe much exp to programing or drawing, im beginer. anyway, just the cat animations is not mine, but its free :)

  13. Please login or register to see this quote.

    ya, well i notice that in android store isnt much dbz games, atleast those that would be fun to play and look and feel not so amateur and glichy. so i just think like so - its grt opurtunity to do something that noone did before on that platform, and including the fact that there is thousands of dbz fans and no dbz games , its should be grt opurtunity :d any way i probably will make my own character due copyright (still dont know how other ppl release theyr dbz games to app store without being sued).your goat idea so ridiculously funny that may could work :)

  14. i read here : Please login or register to see this link.   that on unity 2.6 was a bug that on windows OnMouseDown didnt work while on mac it's works, and on 2.6.1 that bug was fixed... so im on unity 4.5.1f3 and win8.1, probably same glich here, so i going to update unity now and check how its will be then :)

  15. right now at this moment im trying to find solution. i make a gui texture the attack this script...  

    Please login or register to see this code.

    but it dont show debug, and dont change texture, nor clicking on it works :/ where is a problem ;/ i whach a tut in youtube, did same but it working on his pc, not mine

  16. Please login or register to see this quote.

    well i read that you cant sell dbz stuff without akira toriyama permision, and he to bussy to read all these thousand of dayly fan mails. so there probably no way you get response, but i noticed that in ios there is a couple dbz games, payd and free with ads... so i simply confused how thats works...  any way i want to finish this game and if i wont be able to release it i simply changenae and logo and animations and release like diferent game ... how about sprite it self, person who made it in his page sayd that you an use it for commercial purposes and want to be credited, or something

  17. Please login or register to see this quote.

    thank you :) well when i writing with keyboard it doesn't matter in which language, i always misspell, my  fingers to fast for my brain to see what been pressed :) and in other hand yes i need to improove me english anyway, its not so good after all :/ but in game i will pay some time to fix all my language :)

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