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  1. sorry, i did askted it bit wrong, didnt mentioned that player get something when he comes to a ads window, and no need to click on ads, but he think that he need to click on it anyway... that was stupid quostion coz i didnt know at that moment what impresion's is
  2. no no no, the idea much different. the player get real thing that he realy can spend it, simply he need to look at ads. sorry if i dont know well how ads and inpression works and now hawe read wiki about impresions, so as i understant impresion is when someone see a ads banners in game, before i was thinking that impresion is when someone click on that ads and then i get money so my idea was to trick player to click on ads nor it not nessesary. just simple "whack ads and get 10 deamond" for example, and then he just simply click on it and when get back to offers menu he see his 10 deamonds as prommised. allso i was thinking that u cant prommise player anything for pressing a banners, like palyer would want to click it anyway without any promotion so sorry for missunderstanding now another quostion (im not saying that im gonna do these things, but just keen to understand how ads bussines works) what if i make ads page with bunch of different banners from same sponsor and when player comes that page i got like 10 impresions at once?
  3. hey, so u know when player in app can wach the sponsors video, or fill a survei? is it ok to place an ads and write wach sponsors ads and get 10 deamonds , as exaple? no asking to click on it, and clicking dont give anything to player, but player may think that he need to click on it to get, so it may be a litle bit like a fooled to click. i know that u cant give anything to player for clicking ads and in this particualar situation u dont give anything for clicking, just be showing it in the screen and when u exit that ads win u see that u did get those 10 deamonds.
  4. well yas, my idea to sell no ads version, allso if i get succes to implement IAP to buy some money, then to. but i work hard on it and scared to fail and earn 0.1 a yars money is a big deal to my and those 25eur is a big money, i would extremally happy earning 10$ daily
  5. thank you, good advice, definetely will search, anyway dont know much about play store and my game allready ~80% done (as far as my plans is to make for v1).
  6. hey i know its been asked thousands of times, but i need to make sure but how to earn more from android and what the first game was you released to android store, what was a price, or what ads u used and how much u did daily. and any info u think thats is inportant is it easy to earn 10$ per day from small, hooking up and quit fun game, just like flappy bird but not fammilar in any way, just simple anoying and hard ?
  7. as far as i know find functions is a bit slow and can couse spikes well i did read somewhere and noticed by my self atleast
  8. can i do something like that? ///script 1 var SomeObject : GameObject; function DoAction (){ SomeObject.BroadcastMessage("QuickSave"); } /// script 2 in SomeObject function QuickSave (){ /// do something } im not at my pc so i cant check it by my self, anyway if its not working, is there a way to do that in some way :/ edit-- these 2 obj is not a parent btw
  9. well develop super mario world for old nintendo nes system taked 3 yars, saying that now dev's is lazzy (knowing now days games quality and how graphics/physics engines advanced and complex, and allso that if u wanna make something original u need scrach ur head more than all day long) is not completelly accurate. anyway its my oppinion, i may be wrong as shit
  10. do i understand it right ? this call a function called "QuickSave" (or watever it called) in another script? do i can call that function in a sript of another Game Object or in sript from same GameObject?
  11. so , when programming i usualy trying to find my ways to do something and not to look at examples of how other ppl done same things... and now i thinking "well i making some games demo's, and those demos looking pretty nice afterall, but do i doing it right? i dont know any rules of programing, what is good and what is bad..." can somebody explain my do i do these couple thing right, and may some thing, sugestions or rules that i must/may know to develop my self further 1. i using playerprefs to store some data, for exaple, i set set integer to 1 when player take a coint, then in another sript in update i use getint and if that integer is 1 script do something... ///script 1 function OnTriggerEnter2D(hitPlayer: Collider2D) { if (hitPlayer.gameObject.tag == "coint"){ PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Player Score" == 1)) } } ///script 2 function Update (){ if ((PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Player Score")) == 1){ // do something } } i know in update function getint each frame can couse some lag, but i find a way to avoid update and get that integer just when value is changed...right now i just lazzy to wrote bunch of code to show that. allso i use preaviewlabs player preffs that is much faster than standart unity ones... second thing. when i was thinking about programing, i was imagine it much harder and much more complex, i hawe learnded unity script pretty much well, and allso tried c#, syntax is pretty much identical, but more complex at some point, but still not to hard to understand and use it fast. now programming at current knowlledge is simillar to html to me (not saying im pro, just whole programming idea and structure is similar to html to me, dont know why, just is it, that why i wanna know more, what is real games proggraming is, and difference between games and software programming for now), for example, when i was making my small game character mowement, i made this script... its basicaly make my character jump when clicked or holding button, idk if its advanced or basics but i did it and its quit simple to me. /// jumping of my bird game, jump while holdong button, and when releasing or reach max amount, end jump. Call function from unity 4.6 UI button. #pragma strict var currSpeedy : float; var currSpeedx : float; var CurSpeed : float; var FlushUpdate = false; var released = true; var grounded = true; var maxed = false; var died = false; function Start (){ maxed= true; released = true; } function OnClick () { if (grounded == true){ if (died == false){ released = false; } } } function OnRelease () { released = true; currSpeedy = 0; currSpeedx = 0; number1 = 5; } function FixedUpdate (){ if (released == false){ if (maxed == false){ if (died == false){ rigidbody2D.velocity = Vector3(currSpeedx,currSpeedy,0); currSpeedx = currSpeedy = Mathf.Lerp(currSpeedy,41,Time.deltaTime / 2); if (currSpeedx > 4.1){ currSpeedx = 0; maxed= true; } if (currSpeedy > 4.1){ currSpeedy = 0; maxed = true; } } } } } function OnTriggerStay2D(hitPlayer: Collider2D) { if (hitPlayer.gameObject.tag == "Ground"){ grounded = true; maxed = false; } } function OnTriggerEnter2D(hitPlayer: Collider2D) { if (hitPlayer.gameObject.tag == "Ground"){ grounded = true; maxed = false; } } function OnTriggerExit2D(hitPlayer: Collider2D) { if (hitPlayer.gameObject.tag == "Ground"){ grounded = false; } } this is a video of a game that i made this sript for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-tB8o_O2x8&list=UUJNI1KRjHTRY66qThiKSU5Q i allso adding link to downlaod exaple scene of this how to set it up and use... its allready fully ready scene there. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2j8-LdwY35cNXhvWXo4aG82WGM/view?usp=sharing i sharing it with publick to downlaod and use for free in they games. so quostion, is my script good for doing such task ? where i could do it better for the better performace or for the easyer and shorter way? is there any level marking for proggramers? like from 0 to 10, 0 = 0, 1 = starter, 4 = know the basics... or simillar ? and where i would be. sorry for stuppid quostion but i dont know how good or poor i am :/ so for now its all, 2 main quostions and bunc of subquostion that to important to me, to not to get lost in future and now plz dont be rude, i just exhausted for knowledge
  12. hey basicaly my code looks like this : var scooredText : UI.Text; var scoore : int; function Update (){ scooredText.text = "current: " + scoore; } is there any way to reduce gc allocation? i usualy use FixedUpdate, but that still gives my spikes at certain frames due gc apering :/ in more that one text component and most of them i must update in Update or FixedUpdate functions
  13. hey so i am using onTriggerEnter2D, when player hit a trigger it doeas something, but on phone i get spikes when player hit it, I know that raycast is faster but after some googling and trying by my self i still unable to write simple sctript that would make things work :/ basicaly this is 2d platformer and i want when player enter a trigger it doeas some stuff, and everything with raycast, any exaples or solutions in js?
  14. newer heard about it i goona look it up
  15. for android for now, then if i get money on ios and windows phones i gonna change lot sof things, that window woth records is like a placeholder, same as a bird sprite...
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o34rXBHIIFQ hey this is my small game it's realy hooking up any way im still working but what u think?, btw its on bmbile
  17. i was looking do unity released full v5, but i find out its still in beta, anyway i did look at unity 5 plans, u can buy u5 or you can pay each month for u5... but not pro and there i idnt find anything about indie and pro, just that buy or preorder unity5. so how, do we wil get indie for free?
  18. So stupid in code i wrote OntriggerEnter, it's should be OnTriggerEnter, how i didn;t noticed before x.x
  19. i find out now that it not spawning due ontriggerenter is not detecting triggering :/ but everything looks right in the scene
  20. hello, im trying to write script that spawn random prefab when spawner collider hit player tagged as "Bird". this is what i did so far (cs): using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class SpawnScript : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject[] obj; public float spawnMin = 0f; public float spawnMax = 2f; void OntriggerEnter2D (Collider2D other) { if (other.tag == "Bird") { Spawn (); } } void Spawn (){ Instantiate(obj[Random.Range (0, obj.GetLength (0))], transform.position, Quaternion.identity); Invoke ("Spawn", Random.Range (spawnMin, spawnMax)); } } so i make a spawner obj, then attack this script, allso make 2d trigger in it, and when my player Bird enter that trigger it should spawn prefab :/ but it not spawning :"( what im doing wrong?
  21. wideo////////////// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xks48eHYTFk so what u think im still workink on optimization, bugs, grammar fixes anyway, this is small part of my game from ur personal experiance - would i earn some money in android app store? do i should place ads or make it payd im curious
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