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  1. hello, few mont ago i had found multiplayer starter kit in google , but now i cant find it, i know omas kit are in mmo, but i keen to see more kits, what they're offering. so may someone know any other multiplayer fps kit?

  2. hello, i have quastion, do i can releas egame with trial pro version and sell it? or its just trial and i can finish any projact with it?

    cus i making game with free and wanna make graphic with pro, same with android deweloping separately :) thanks

  3. ok, i new in unity and in modeling, so pls be patient.

    i download models from web like this Please login or register to see this link.

    and its in 3ds format, so im inport it in blender and in blender scene view i dont see textures, i checked, no materials or textures.

    then i export it in fbx and in unity allso no textures. may i doing something wrong? or just the models are without textures, cuz i can try to texture by my self, but i even then wont found right textures, and i bad in texturing, i make my beutiful clear model, but in uv map aditor i doing something wrong.

    is there are any way to get models with textures? i just need simple buildings.


  4. for the car, i need car physics, how all body mooving when u turn left or right, now i hawe just simle car script with aceleration but the body its self doesn moowing, its something about hydroulic or something, more realisting driving around the town :d i dont know how to explain

    u see how body moves when its press w button, i thinked and its should be posible if u attack smooth folow script on the car, then just follow the emty game obijact attacked on front of car which allso following the car, then its may be similar effect, but i not sure.

    then mesh deformation, when u hit with car in to wall car deformate its self, now, in oma kit when u hit in the wall nothing happens, no even scratch of paint. i not using omas kit cuz i dont know how to set new cars :)i need bunch of cars, and hawe good cript wich let my play with diferent wariables, like horse power, engine torqua, aclelertion, gearbox and etc

  5. hello, i need tetxures for city, like winows, road, brics, wall and all for free with hiht quality :) and i need shader like for car liie in this vid

    or something similar :) and i allso her about surface shader generator or maker in unity asstes store :)

  6. hello, i neeed such cript for my car. basicaly u just attack it on car body except wheels, and when u pres w letter the body smooth rotate (the front of car up, and back of car down) then the sma eto s. and with a and d letters. basicaly my ide something looking lie this "if preskeydown a.s.d orw mesh smooth rottate xyz" or something and just repeat with diferent cordinates and diferent keydown...

    another script is mesh deformating :) basicaly it's for car when u crash in wall acording your speed and if damage receive to much u will basicaly get boom with fire and disable some cripts like aceleration script :) :) :) and dont forget oma's fps cript, when shooting :)

    if someone know somethin alternative or can make somethin like this for all comunity :)))

  7. Please login or register to see this quote.

    yas, sure, i am working in web deweoping, and i know how hard it is, always difficult problems solving, lack of time and etc. anyway, may u know any fps or rpg kit which with mmo and works on webplay? i saw one in here, rpg, but its was weird, not for my :d

  8. Please login or register to see this quote.

    good to know about android deweloping, i also planing make android game when i fully understand unity. well, for this fps kit, do u planing to make it online? i didn't understand or u just didn't said :)

  9. hi, at first, sorry for bad english, im from lithuania - so, i found that amazing fps kit in this web page, and decided to make online fps game. a litle about it: this is basicaly left 4 dead, zombie survival game, so no damage to yout team mates needed since its not dead mach player vs player, and also its wil haw extra game modes, but if i fully make it online. its will be played using webplay with home network (no experiace in networking). searched almost all forum, but no tutorial found ~X( , in youtube i allso found this ^:)^^'>

    , but its have one bad thingy :-? , u need your players in projact filles, not in herrarchy, if i put it from herrarchy to proj.files, well, its was catasrof.

    so i need help, may u can make preffab, then auto generate clone from herrarchi or some other way integrate that network mode. i bet its major problem for everyone like my who dont have good experiance in unity and unity javascript and thinking to make a networking in fps kit. so its will hellp to eweryone.

    allso when u can play ur game in online, there also one problem, all players are invisible, so may someone allso can make something like this, add animeted obijact in player capsule, so when hit "w" animation run, when hit "space" animation jump, well idea is clear. in this i gess is easy to make swichable prefab of animated player, so when u start playing, u can choose ur animated hero (the hand itself not need couse its hard work to change all weapons and hands), well but its not so nessesary.

    so for short and clear: simple networkong in webplay (wery need, totaly for not just me) :O3 +

    animated player for seeing other player (allso need when major problem with networking is solwed) 0

    swichable player (would be cool) -

    so if someone make such tutorial, i will be wery thanksfull, and in credic add that person name. allso share there finished and working downloadable projact that everyone not need to making it itself . and ofcourse since without tutorial i wont be able making and sharing my game, so if i will earn money i definetely donate peace of my money :)

    p.s. no rudeness need :-T , i just started in programing with unity, all other mine exp is in web developing (Please login or register to see this link. this is show up couse i will make a web for my game, so this is what level its will be in web side, and game :d )

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