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    Hi, My name is Arvydas :) thats it
  1. thanks well must to keep optimization in the mind to plus right way to make break stuff in design vise is extra work, and i want to make street lamps to shine light at night and when you hit it, to stop emit light stuff like that, so work work work... made some destructible buildings so will add extra screenshots, some in better resoluton
  2. ideas are welcome. i dont have any idea about what this game should be :OOO Hello ^^ i want to show my game, that as </>title<> implies , is being developed by me for fun and portfolio Made the 3d map part by myself, also write code for the game. police car now not realy working, im allways trying to improve AI to make it feel right, i should next time make map for gameplay it self anyway i found bug inside AI for path calculation of native pathfinding tool in unity 5. the police reach the point it needs to go, but then paths seems to be already calculated, but do not swap to new target (waypoint). for few seconds or so. it was working before but now see pointed gizmo to next waypoint. I will fix this somehow. // EDIT: in game there day and night cycle, but so far i do not hawe new video with changes i did, its minor so far. // there will be a link to play, i have this game link play elsewhere but want to update first you can also check my youtube chanel (the one from video in youtube), i have videos from development beginning video 1 video 2 -festival car allso if someone want 3d assets from videos i sell thoss:
  3. hello, i put these assets on assets store, so far i got just few sells . Would be realy cool to get few more as extra money. ''This is low poly down town kit. It contains modular roads, modular trees, gas stations, police station,train station, living private houses, dormitory houses, business buildings, fences, street props, garden props,graphics profile for post processing stack and demo scene. With this kit you will be able to create rich environment with amazing graphics. All models unwrapped in to low res textures, optimized and prepared as prefabs. Buildings colors can be changed by swapping textures from "palettes" folder.,, ////////////////////////////////////////// YOUTUBE UNITY ASSETS STORE ////////////////////////////////////////// Edit: decide to give a link to a game i making with this kit YouTube
  4. hello, im making braking for my car ai, i have distance from ai to obstacle, but strugling to apply right braking power... the idea that i want the less is distance, the more power to apply. can someone guide my to how to do this, i tried matf.lerp, but its not something that is realy working for my the way i want
  5. oh yah i tried list.count++; so its make emty list objects for each item with emty stats , but thats didnt work either :/ if this method would be worked i just needed to get stats from DB or item script
  6. hey guys, i trying to make shop for my game with xml, right now i hawe working database... the isue i need put all shop item by hand and set its value inside hierarchy script, if i hawe hundresds of items, each item hawe 11 diferent variables as stats, its litle bit time consuming :D. i need that program would it self find all objects and put it to list, then get all values (int's and float's) from xml file and attack it to list. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Xml; using System.Xml.Serialization; using System.IO; public class XMLserialize : MonoBehaviour { public static XMLserialize ins; public GameObject player; public ItemDatabase itemDB; void Awake () { ins = this; } private void PreloadPlayerItemsToList (){ } public void SaveItems (){ XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(ItemDatabase)); FileStream stream = new FileStream (Application.dataPath + "/StreamingAssets/Xml/item_Data.xml", FileMode.Create); serializer.Serialize (stream, itemDB); stream.Close (); } public void LoadItems (){ XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer (typeof(ItemDatabase)); FileStream stream = new FileStream (Application.dataPath + "/StreamingAssets/Xml/item_Data.xml", FileMode.Open); itemDB = serializer.Deserialize (stream) as ItemDatabase; stream.Close (); } void PrepareToBuy (){ SaveItems (); } public void EditDatabaseEntries (int ThisId){ itemDB.list[ThisId].boughtStatus = true; SaveItems (); } } [System.Serializable] public class ItemEntry { // ginklo info listas public string gunName; public string gunType; public int price; public int spriteId; public bool boughtStatus; public int damage; public int clipSize; public float accuracy; public float fireRate; public float Weight; public float reloadSpeed; } [System.Serializable] public class ItemDatabase { //clases itemEntry info listu masyvas [XmlArray("Weapons")] public List<ItemEntry> list = new List<ItemEntry>(); void start (){ foreach (GameObject gun in GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag ("gun")) { //list.Add (gun); //this is where my issue } } } as you can see itemenry class is item stats that will be in list. itemdatabase class is list it slef, i can put items as gameobjects but that prompts error. (i did that in end of the script with foreach x.x) how to get all objects from hierarchy and stats then put everything to damn list thank you
  7. is ur method hellps against msql injection hack?
  8. hey what way i could make registration, login and items over network but msql? i know that msql is unsafe and i read that it can be hacket over injaction method or something, anyway may unity it self offers something i dont need the entire multiplayer, i can use unet
  9. hey guys, how to make registration and login for unet. i know that saving acc in msqql is unsafe, so why i asking for unter. in my game player can save what item he hawe in inventory, allso his scoores and stuff. thank you alot
  10. ok first, thank you for hellp and second that i put this code inside my script but how tu declare right touch? touchPosition = Input.GetTouch (i).position; ? cuz this one not working, i not realy udnerstand the current srcipt u provided if i use i as id of finger i can control first analog with first finger, but if i put second finger, then i control analog with second finger but not first one
  11. hey so i am working on dual touch analogs, and they working, i am able to use left and right analogs, if i touch left side of screen, left analog is activated and etc, but if one of analogs is allready activated, i cant activate another... anyway i hawe few lines //Input.touchCount //Input.GetTouch (0) //Touch.fingerId touchPosition = Input.GetTouch (touch.fingerId).position; the idea is like this > if (leftone = activated){ trackf fingerID postion } else if (rightone = activated){ track another finherID finger position } how to make code that i could activate both of them with diferent fingers and they both could do stuff in smae time like fingerid stuff, just cant make it work that if left one would be activated first, then right one could be allso activated fith other finger...
  12. hey guys, so i managed to code touch analog stick for android ant pc, its track mouse x and y position and draw small dot under you finger + biger dot as housing of analog whenewer u touch on the screen, then disapear when u release the screen, and its actualy works, i can control my topdown shooter character in both x y axis as its supposed to be. But my problem is that i need 2 of analog sticks, but mouse is only one and its detect as one imput, just like not multitouch sreen. so is there such thing like imput.touchPosition so i could use array of touches and it would fit to my script without much editing ? i tried to google but no luck. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using UnityEngine.EventSystems; using UnityEngine.UI; public class DragHandler : MonoBehaviour, IBeginDragHandler, IDragHandler, IEndDragHandler { public GameObject analog; //main small UI element dot under finger public GameObject PositionTracker; //emty game objact as child of analog ui, hellp track x & y public GameObject panel; //biger circle, analog lay inside it public Image touchCircle; //analog, as source of img, meant to edit alpha value Vector2 startPosition; // declares touch position at start of touch public Vector2 secondPosition; // same as startposition, playersript need this cuz startposition drop error public Vector2 PositionTrackerXY; public static bool dragBegan = false; // public bool isDraging = false; public void Start () { PositionTrackerXY = PositionTracker.transform.position; touchCircle.color = new Color(255f,255f,255f,.0f); //editing alpha value } #region IBeginDragHandler implementation public void OnBeginDrag (PointerEventData eventData) { dragBegan = true; startPosition = analog.transform.position; panel.transform.position = Input.mousePosition; isDraging = true; panel.SetActive (true); } #endregion #region IDragHandler implementation public void OnDrag (PointerEventData eventData) { if (dragBegan){ secondPosition = Input.mousePosition; touchCircle.color = new Color(255f,255f,255f,127f); dragBegan = false; } analog.transform.position = Input.mousePosition; PositionTrackerXY = PositionTracker.transform.position; } #endregion #region IEndDragHandler implementation public void OnEndDrag (PointerEventData eventData) { analog.transform.position = startPosition; PositionTrackerXY = PositionTracker.transform.position; touchCircle.color = new Color(255f,255f,255f,.0f); secondPosition = new Vector2 (0, 0); isDraging = false; panel.SetActive (false); } #endregion } the script tracks x and y of mouse, then in playerscript i get those values, and from TOUCH X START POSITION (i declaring it when touch started) take (minus) curent mouse position, therefore output is valueX. if (isDraging){ valueX = analogPosition.x - secondPosition.x; /// -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 rb.addforce. right = valueX; } //// link to image http://postimg.org/image/tjsvhvmt5/
  13. idh how to exacly explayn what i need, so i will share a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaKZ8NpXAp4 so it seems like whole planet is very small, i need to do same thing. the perfect solution would by to not respawn like method but smoothly go straight allso giving a image to explayn more clearly (coz my english is shit ) bet way would be what i called paralaxing one
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