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  1. before i started my fps project i was just making random 3d models of items and guns (low poly) hoping I'd get some idea from it. learning new tools and taking advantage of the modifiers I managed to my assets look even better. i posted this and still proud of that work but it never hurts to learn even more. and at this point i need to slow down because im start to put in too much detail to classify as "low poly" so hope you enjoy and let me know if you see any flaws or tips that i could use to help save on triangle counts the m4 handle and RIS was actually resigned because i didn't like the look of squares on the m4 while the m16 used pentagons ive been doing a lot of remakes but many have'nt past 2.5k except for the crossbow....THIS IS THE FIRST and so far only, to pass 4k xD so i need to calm down with these remakes
  2. so a update, so i copied it LINE BY LINE i think and i got this using UnityEngine; using System.Collections Public Class ExampleBehaviorScript : MonoBehavior { void Start () { } void Update () { if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.R)) { GameObject.renderer.material.color = Color.red; } if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.G)) { GameObject.renderer.material.color = Color.green; } if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.B)) { GameObject.renderer.material.color = Color.blue; } } } now the only error i have is Assets/Example.cs(4,0): error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `Public', expecting `.' or `;'
  3. so im following this tutorial on scripting and i already have an error lol and i think i know my error but im unsure, this is C# as well using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class Example : MonoBehaviour { // Use this for initialization void Start() { } void Update() { if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.R)) { GameObject.renderer.material.color = Color.red; } if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.G)) { GameObject.renderer.material.color = Color.green; } if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.B)) { GameObject.renderer.material.color = Color.blue; } } } the error is :Assets/Example.cs(17,24): error CS0120: An object reference is required to access non-static member `UnityEngine.GameObject.renderer' so i assumed adding UnityEngine. after GameObject and now i get this error Assets/Example.cs(25,36): error CS0619: `UnityEngine.GameObject.renderer' is obsolete: `Property renderer has been deprecated. Use GetComponent<Renderer>() instead. (UnityUpgradable)' xD any help?
  4. i agree, with the first comment. add trees and everything else is great. it is a bit odd seeing a chest in the water but its nothing that bothers me personally
  5. SO i ran some tests and using a plane 30x30 squares=900 BUT when applying my animated water material is uses triangles so instead its 60x60 triangles each plain 15x15 (scaling the plain so cover as much land without making the waves look Huge and ugly in the unity engine) 3,600 triangles Per plain and i needed about 576 just to cover HALF of the map so in total im looking at 4 million triangles.... that number made me pause everything because ive work REALLY HARD to control to poly count as best as i can, buildings dont pass 4k, vehicles dont pass 3k and the number is lower for players and weapons im really in need of help so i have more questions if ANYONE CAN HELP PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER MY QUESTION BECAUSE I DONT HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH WATER the material for my water works with a single animation, No matter the poly count, would it be possible to use a LOD script with water? like how YoungDeveloper was saying with the terrain? in wireframe i seen how the terrain decreases the amount of triangles while you zoom farther away to keep the engine stable, can it be used for water? or is there a more efficient way?
  6. No, if you need videos or screenshots ill supply that to you. i dont have the desire to make videos and posting on youtube, mostly because im not even familiar with recording software, just screen capturing (unsure if those 2 are the same). but my application is for animation and it is time you will be paid for.
  7. So everything is coming out good but a very strange issue recently popped up that i need help explaining. we have animated water (waves) however the amount of water we need is too much and the triangles making up the water drops the frame rate. Its insane that Unreal and Cryengine can handle so much animated water without a loss in performance. the question i need answered Is it possible to minimize the LOD as a distance while still maintaining the wave animation and colliders? Is unity built to handle that much work? 80% of our scripts for the game are complete so the LAST THING i want to think about is changing engines because Unity is under powered. for size comparison to better understand how much water i need. think of Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm. my terrain is 2kx2k , so it has to cover at least that much but triangle count is off the charts (low poly ocean waves)
  8. YOU WILL BE PAID Have a lot of assets that need to be animated. these will be for a low poly FPS game, animations needed will be the basics such as reloading, holstering, draw, walking (holding a gun/melee), Sprinting (holding a gun/melee) etc. Rigging is not required but preferred in case you are not comfortable working with my bone layout. Message for more detail and i look forward to having you on the team YOU WILL BE PAID in case i didnt make that clear
  9. the model thats up for download is made to be textured, as for my first attempt i didnt have the confidence, NOR PATIENCE to even attempt the holes on the "handguard (barrel cover)" i didnt know to shortcuts that i know now, and these were made like maybe 2013 lol
  10. This was the 25th 3D model ive ever made, and was one of my most difficult to made, normally i would ignore poly count but during this i wanted my asset to be more Game freindly so i spent as much time as i can making sure i didnt use triangles were i didnt need them. This is a asset thats actually close to me because after this non-organic shapes became MUCH easier. This will be another rare moment where i will give out this asset Free it still needs some cleaning up in some areas but im not intrested touching this because of the memories. ENJOY https://sketchfab.com/models/b6da666967024ecaa9d6ca5dce297869 PS if your curious , this was my first attempt (more sci-fi-ISH)
  11. bro a single bitcoin atm is worth about $5,000 USD xD did you even think this through
  12. So i randomly stumbled on a game review of someone playing a mod called Stalker call of Chernobyl (what confuses me is this is basically a remake of the already existing ScoC its just reworked using the newer game release) and all i can say is WOW so far id say the best post apocalyptic game I've ever played was the Metro series which id give it a 8 or 9/10 i wouldn't say stalker is better then metro but the game has much more replay value then metro because of its PERFECTED and dynamic sandbox. unfortunately the game isnt good by itself, and if you dont install a dmg mod ...youll loose your absolute MIND playing since EVERY ENEMY CAN SURVIVE A HEAD-SHOT from a 45 acp OR MORE. but after installing just that 1 mod it made it the game that i wished metro was. I'd choose metro over this in a heartbeat...but the game comes SOOOOOOO CLOSE to matching it. if you haven't id recommend trying Metro, the Stalker if anyone is looking for a good example of an immersive post apocalyptic game. but sadly i would rate stalker 6/10 based on the unmodded version.
  13. Criticism is the best way to improve on your work. if you don't like being criticized then this isn't the industry for you. SOMEONE will always criticize others work and its up to you to take it and learn from it. dont get pissed, LEARN. if this is more of a level design i could link you to a few videos that could help you improve on this.
  14. and here you are sitting on a AMAZING fps kit, RELEASE THE BEAST TO THE UNITY ASSET STORE
  15. i think i understand what your saying and how to fix it.... its just that may require A LOT of labor that already took making the character....would it be possible to create a specific shader to counter this ? or will it just be something i cant fix bc unity?
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