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  1. low poly

    So I've made MULTIPLE attempts to get a island map, made and finished but im having multiple difficulties getting that to happen as i would like, so i put that on "pause" and took some old base building assets (they were created for a open world zombie game but the idea was too large and didnt want to set myself up for failure) and just started making a map that would Test multiple mechanics in my game such as AI Path Finding, Weapon DMG, etc., I'm not to much worried about making other maps, my current focus will be to get the mechanics Complete and Finished FIRST, then work on other things such as more maps, Eventually I'm going to have to make another map to test vehicles so that's another HEADACHE I'm going to have to prepare for. Info on the Map: As i said before this map is made to test the mechanics of the Player and AI, 5 floors in total, at the top of the map will be a button that unlocks the lower level for a period of time, the lower level will hold a power weapons (maybe a MGL or a Minigun , Whatever i decide to throw in I'm still deciding) the map is Mostly complete, whats left are the Ladders (for the holes you see on the 4 corners of the map, and some explosive barrels. Let me know you comments or ideas you think would help benefit the map. HOPE YOU ENJOY ! Thoughts: Still havent thought of a name for the map, HECK I DONT EVEN HAVE A NAME FOR THE GAME LOL, Havent thought of developing the story, I dont even want to THINK about the headaches im going to have when i attempt to make a actual map BUT ITS A START
  2. ill look into this, Thank You , if anything ill see if i can change the script a bit to make it work (if thats possible)
  3. I Think i maybe misunderstand what you mean, wouldnt this make the player control to ships ? if so i want them only to mark a location on the map for the ships to fire. in more detail: the player will go to a station, spend points to unlock a kill streak, using the kill streak will bring up a mini map on the screen where the player can mark the area where he wants the battleship to fire in.
  4. So im going to summarize what i need help with. I am trying to copy a kill streak from Call of Duty "The Mortar Strike" but with changes. i Want the player to go to a station and spend theyre In-Game points they have earned (from kills and other tasks) to be able to use this kill streak. and instead of a mortar strike. It will be artillery strike from the battleships in the distance. I would like to see someone write the script for me, but that takes time out of peoples lives, so Id like to learn if if possible. I was hoping if someone can show me a video tutorial of someone making a script for this situation :/ that would really help
  5. Just seen a documentary about WW2 weapons that germany planned to manufacture but never did. and then i seen the P1000 and i was surprised about the size of this. after that i thought ill try making it. seen a few images posted but i havent really seen many Low Poly, and the ones i have didnt look all too good so I thought id take a shot at it. and hopefully it doesnt look TOO BAD. What are your thoughts and some me more images of mega weapons, im just now seeing these and id like to model some more as soon as i get the time for them of course.
  6. I still haven't seen other packs on the market to compare to , the reason I wanted to aim a bit low is to make it seem like a better deal but I'll defiantly look into the other packs before making that final decision , and I see what you mean on the final weapon which is suppose to be a ACR
  7. THX
  9. So in a bit of a standstill funding my current low poly multiplayer game so i want to release a cheap weapons pack on the Unity Asset Store to hopefully raise some funds to help get unity pro or at least enough to get get a lvl designer on board. Im posting these pictures mostly for public opinion if i were to sell a pack of 10-15 weapons of the same type (for example a pack of snipers, a separate pack for assault rifles, SMGs, ect.) for 5$ would that seem fair ? INFO. ON THE ASSETS : while starting the low poly project i have now i made a attempt to make the weapon look good without going passed 2k triangles, i abandon this because i was able to achieve this goal under 1k triangles, all textures are also from a single texture that can be used for all of them to help with processing. and i think that's what makes them unique personally. What do you think of them? of course these are not all of them, just a few
  10. before anyone asks i posted this on the UFPS forums and im just waiting for a response i thought I'd just post here as well to see if anyone has any knowledge of this and can help me faster. So im trying to safe the position and rotation and when i try saving it as a .txt file it doesnt, BUT when i save the position for the muzzle it saves the position and all. any idea why or how would i go about writing a .txt file with my desired rotation and position?
  11. I have been working on a Low poly FPS for a few months. Everything is going fine however I have reach a issue were all other fields have been given attention except for animation and that's what i am here for. the game engine used Unity Assets such as Figures (Characters) will be rigged for you (Fully) with the exception of Guns, if on request you prefer the guns rigged, that can be arranged. some animations required will be requested: *Soldier (Armed with rifle or pistol) FPS view and 3rd person view -Walking -Running -Crouched -Prone -Shooting -Reloading (various different Guns 30+) to make this easier for the animator we will recycle as many animations as possible for example a M9 and a 1911 can share the same animation. -------YOU WILL BE PAID----- you will be paid HALF before you begin animation, and the other HALF will be PAID on completion. video clip is required when animation is complete *YOU WILL NOT BE PAID A PERCENTAGE WHEN THE GAME IS RELEASED (message for more details on this) LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE im not asking for AAA animation experience. this is a Low Poly Game so Animations do not need to be 60fps CoD reload. the Animation much match the theme. I like a lot of communication. even if you send me 20+ messages a day i don't mind. You do not need to have experience in Rigging, Only Animation (Rigging is a +) BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME Any Details i left out or if interested message directly or Comment Below, Images of some examples will be included (as soon as i find out how this upload system works)