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  1. Redesigning

    ill look into them , i game on a old Dell Alienware laptop so im going to have to see if it came with such software but i dont mind downloading others or even purchasing, thank you for the tip
  2. Redesigning

    Thank You, im glad you enjoyed Hope so, the M4 took me HOURS and in the end i felt like it wasnt right
  3. fbx issues with blender

    no problem the process takes like 2 minutes (takes some time to load the software) just message me the models when you can and ill get to them converted
  4. fbx issues with blender

    and this is the same system im using right now, you can send me the file and ill show you that the system works, i can convert .fbx into multiple formats such as .obj, .3ds. etc. and those files can be imported into blender, im a living example that this system works. i use it today
  5. fbx issues with blender

    the issue was importing .fbx into blender, my solution was converting the asset in the correct software, after you convert the file and import it into blender, you shouldnt have to worry about anything else since your no longer using autodesk.
  6. Will make 3D model for free

    xD ouch, that one hurt me
  7. fbx issues with blender

    I will message you the Link. I think it only uses the 3 recent ones such as 2015-2018. enter the language, and the download will begin and they will email you a code that you paste into the education key tab. this is a very good system and i support this freedom very much, the reason im messaging the link to you is because i really dont want to see this system abused, hope this helps you
  8. fbx issues with blender

    so im unsure if you solved your problem but i think i can help. This is also the same process i use every time as well but it does take some time. from the best of my knowledge I have never been able to import .fbx into blender. if you go to the autodesk website and look for there education tabs, you can sign up and receive ANY autodesk software free of charge with no dead line timer, there are some rules like you cannot use it for monetizing but that obvious reason for me. i only use 3ds Max to convert .fbx to obj. This isnt some trick ether or a glitch/scam. i never looked into this. but i think this is just for people who want to learn the software on there own personal time, some features maybe removed but again i dont notice because i use the software for converting, and again this system applies to ALL autodesk softwares for ANY year even 2018, however i think i still have my 2016 lol i need to upgrade lol
  9. Redesigning

    havent been getting much sleep , and thats just only because physics for a tank is draining .....BUT ITS ALMOST COMING TO AN END got a new team member and he's working on Animations so hopefully when i find a good recording software ill post a video (anyone knows any software's let me know) BUT with poly count staying low of course, desided to do some quick redesign just to make animating a bit better (Visually) and the arms had to be resigned so might as well go big. in truth, im just posting this to tank (a typo i left because its THAT BAD) a break from tanks.....i seen the error some weapons i dont feel needed a remaster but let me know you opinion on any that do. ENJOY THE VISUALS, these are just a few because i didnt want to upload 40+ redesigns since im out of space (dont know how to get more space) ill like on my flickr M240b Redesign M4 Redesign M60 Redesign AN-94 Redesign AK-47 Redesign
  10. Fixing rotation

    SO just an update i solved the issue. before i say how i just want to say that i import my models in .blend format, MEANING i drag and drop my file into my destination that i want in my Asset Folder. If you want to avoid the Main Mesh being in a strange 90 degree rotation all you have to do is rotate the model facing Up in 90 degree. THIS MUST BE DONE IN EDIT MODE. with that everything is working fine. This is only if your importing a .blend into your Unity asset folder. i can not say the same for .fbx, .obj or any others
  11. Fixing rotation

    ill try that now im reading this article and so im going to try and rotate this (AGAIN) and see if the Y axis thing works, if not ill try your bone experiment because i noticed when i delete a bone the the asset stays in rotation. THANK YOU heres the article im talking about
  12. Fixing rotation

    you can see that the final Tank asset is flat but the mesh itself says its at a -89.98 on its X axis and i dont see to understand why tried finding other forums to fix this, i dont see it as a major fix but it would help to learn what causes this so i can avoid it in the future.
  13. Fixing rotation

    So i created a tank and instead of applying all the scripts into the new tank im just going to replace the main mesh (inside Unity). BUT when i replace the old mesh with the new mesh is appears rotated in a 90 degree position. I dont understand why it is doing this. and i cannot change the mesh rotation inside unity. i opened the .blend file to see why this is happening and Rotation is set to "0" on ALL ASSETS in my .blend file. so im confused why this is happening and where is this rotation coming from?
  14. Looking for translators

    then id assume it to be traditional, since it is used most throughout china
  15. Looking for translators

    I'm sorry but im unsure of the question. Shes was born in China and a citizen that came to my country. China has multiple languages, the one she specializes in is called "Mandarin" , This languages is used most then all the other languages in China. I hope i answered the question the best i can.