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  1. All models were made by me include Axe! That axe was my first model I have made! So I have rights for sell !
  2. You caught me guys, I craftwork mobiles with other account! If you take a look on assetstore and remove hq weapons 1# to 7# ! I create this account to nobody recognize me but a fail!
  3. Thanks for comments I will do better textures for the knifes, axe and p90 and change the package price!
  4. I will ! And the pack will cost 14.99$ Have you take a look on the others weapons? Go there and comment!
  5. M4a1 new screenshot and weapons wire:
  6. I know that does not seem to have quality in screenshots, but inside the game has great quality!
  7. HQLP Weapons Pack 1 - High quality low poly weapons pack. Package contains: - 5 Low poly High Quality weapons. The average triangle count per weapon is more 3000 triangles. - Each weapon has it's own 2048 x 2048 texture and material. Weapons list: Melee: -Axe Pistol: -M9 MachineGun: -P90 -M4A1 Sniper: -L96 Any bug or question send to: proassetsunity@gmail.com (Pending for review on Unity AssetStore) (Sorry for the screenshots quality)
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