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  1. I have taken a look at this a while back and has been fixed in one the 0.9.1 patches EDIt- Sorry for the late response
  2. Thank you for reporting these bugs, I will make a patch hopefully by Monday or Wednesday, thanks Btw I am not sure about the ADS issue I have been testing it and I don’t see any issues...
  3. Patch Was Released, Sorry To Everyone It is supposed to kill you due to a transform bug (will be fixed on Unity 2018's release) I see nothing wrong with the player and camera freezing is due to ultra preset please switch to high or lower
  4. https://gamejolt.com/games/vitalfight/326759 Thank You Everyone
  5. Oh I see what you mean...the footage was from update #3, 9 month ago I was referring to now, sorry about the confusion
  6. Like I didn't here that 100 times...All of the code is mine, I made it and yes the models are from FPSE only because I don't have the time/skill to make weapon models
  7. Thank You Armedunity Forums For All Of Your Help And Feedback! I Am Now Done With My First Game, Vitalfight! (sort of... in beta but goals will be reached by this summer) I Cannot Thank You Guys Enough If You Want To Check Out The Game When It Is Up On Friday: https://gamejolt.com/@VitalGame Thanks, Everyone!!!
  8. Hey everyone, I am having an issue with having gameobjects sync for each player but instead, it is showing everyone! I forgot the code that allows to sync stuff like that It goes something like 'if photon mine' or something like that, sorry that it seems dumb...
  9. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has a sandbox Map or any Simple Map in general that I could use for my game as a groundwork for a map that I will be trying to create... Thanks
  10. MarcoGuy1

    Photon Graphics

    I had a graphics script where it shows the player models to other players but not to the player itself...but it is not working anymore for some reason, maybe because of it being an old photon script but it was working so I am not so sure... Script 1: public GameObject Graphics Script 2: GameObject pl = Instantiate(Player); pl.GetComponent<PlayerNetwork>().Graphics.SetActive (false);
  11. Hey Everyone! I was wondering if anyone has a countdown timer that is synced through photon (sorry for all of these request). It would really help me out Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello Everyone I need a simple photon matchmaking script that can hold up to 10 to 20 people or so... I have seen some for unet though. I am able to make a functional lobby system but no matchmaking mode. The script(s) would really help out Thank you very much for taking your time to take a look at this
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