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  1. Ok guys thank you so much!
  2. Looks great, keep up the great work
  3. ok thanks
  4. This has been happening with my uGUI (text) in unity, if your know how to fix this, please reply.... BTW Update #3 of Vitalfight coming soon ;)
  5. 3d models

    ok Thanks
  6. 3d models

    Could I use this for my game and credit you? Have a awesome day, VitalFight Developer
  7. If you can send me a script or help me out from the one on here that would be great too. Have a wonderful day my dudes
  8. Yes I have nivida geforce but I have it on a laptop and obs works perfectly for me, sense it started working again
  9. Sorry first time lol, I will note that for next time
  10. My obs was not working before so I had to use a simple one (which sucked) and now all of the sudden obs works again!?
  11. if you can recommend me any good, simple recorders that would be great
  12. Thank you for the feedback It is still a work in progress. Eventually I will work from the Kit to my own thing. I will be adding a map picking option along with a Team Death Match Game Mode by the next update. There will be much more to come in this game over time.... If you want to join contact me: or my youtube
  13. VITAL FPS UPDATE #2 IS OUT!!!!!!!! Just got a better screen recorder, so the next update won't run at 5 frames, instead it will run at 1080p 60fps