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  1. SahamarxNew

    Cool Survival RPG Kit

    I haven't seen 😃
  2. SahamarxNew

    Cool Survival RPG Kit

    Informations Unity Engine (Version 2017+ Low Poly Fantasy RPG Environment Intuitive package and easy-to-customize Project Documentation Features Unity’s new UI system with Modern Interface Pack Player, Monsters, NPCs Equipment System based on transforms and prefabs Health, thirst and hunger system Point Click, WSAD and Joystick/Controller movement via Navigation Xbox 360 joystick is automatically identified when connecting switching inputs RPG Camera with Zoom, Rotation and Joystick/Controller Support Animations via Mecanim Low Poly FREE 3D Models Minimap Inventory, Loot and Gold System Death and Respawning Carefully crafted C# Code Tottaly FREE to customize Levels and Attributes Day / Night System Download: https://unitylist.com/api/get?id=16426&download
  3. SahamarxNew

    System surviver Unity3d ( Open source ) c#

    I can update it a little, if it will be useful to someone
  4. SahamarxNew

    System surviver Unity3d ( Open source ) c#

    Я пытаюсь сделать интересный проект, нет времени.- Как поживаете?
  5. SahamarxNew

    System surviver Unity3d ( Open source ) c#

    Я скоро начну серию уроков . Разработка мобильной игры с нуля.I develop tutorial mobile game .
  6. SahamarxNew

    Clone Wot Android

    Не слишком большой.
  7. SahamarxNew

    Clone Wot Android

  8. SahamarxNew

    Clone Wot Android

    Today there will be a big release. Tanks on the android. Clone WoT Please WAIT.... Panzer War used to be a commercial mobile tank combat game. However,the developer won't have much time to work on it.So the online servers are stopped,and the game become an open source one. Then open the project with Unity3D (Unity 2017.x) Build AssetBundles Then you can run the game from scene "StartUp"
  9. SahamarxNew

    System surviver Unity3d ( Open source ) c#

    Я снова с вами
  10. SahamarxNew

    System surviver Unity3d ( Open source ) c#

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a year I will be back and will develop (system survival MMO) open source. Develop the game is very simple, if you know the code ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Link: https://yadi.sk/d/Hqv-0JI032EWeE version v1.1.1 fix bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rav version + inventory demo: Download Link: https://yadi.sk/d/a4N_n9hG32EXhk
  11. SahamarxNew

    System surviver Unity3d ( Open source ) c#

    this is not a game. just sounds