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  1. D3luxe

    Network Image Create

    Move it on the right section and sry for my mistake,thx. Also I'll try using boolean thx ,not thinking at this lol . I'll replay after that. PS:I tryed to sync the alpha color of Image but no succes. And thx to twig too but I want to use UI image but If I don't achieve to do I'll use your advise.
  2. Thx for share I will modify some lines to run with my code .
  3. Thx man, I really wanted to understant Unity Networking Better . PS:This isn't for UNet right ....?
  4. Hi, (again) , I have a problem with my damageImage script over network .When 1 player get damaged damageImage is spawned to all not just to damaged player. PS:I tryed to use [SyncVar] on image declaration but Unity throw me an error .Some ideas ? I'll post the code if it's necesary ,thx in advance. --
  5. Thx man I will play with that speed until I will get smoth animation EDIT:I found that xD thx (I'm so stupid).
  6. Hi,I'm working on an fps zombie shooter but I got a problem with zombie movement .When they walk they will play walk animation but animation look quite strange like sliding along the ground PS:I have no exit time and my animation is set to loop for all ,I can give more details if it's not clear enought.Any sugestions? Maybe my animation is too slow and zombie's speed is too high?How I can fix that?
  7. Problem solved thx to @Evolve .
  8. Hi guys I try to create an zombie survivor game but unity network system seems to be a bit jerky... Here my errors & scripts : 1 ) 'RPC' is obsolete: 'NetworkView RPC functions are deprecated. Refer to the new Multiplayer Networking system. I tryed to answer myself (after searching some information) but no luck , is there any new sintax for this .... what can I do ,? This can affect my game in any way? 2) Can't send RPC function since no connection was started. Here error appear when I try to use an RPC function . Btw I used this functions to check my connection but none of the debug appear. void OnServerInitialized() { Debug.Log("Server initialized and ready"); } void OnConnectedToServer() { Debug.Log("Server initialized and ready"); } void OnPlayerConnected(NetworkPlayer player) { Debug.Log("Player " + " connected from " + player.ipAddress); } I tryed to run the RPC function just for the client and it's worked but I want that all player even the localplayer to actually attack enemys... here are my scripts. EnemyAttributes.cs using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; public class EnemyAttributes : MonoBehaviour { public Text enemyHealthText; #region Vars [SerializeField] private int enemyHealth = 100; //[SerializeField] private int enemyDamage = 10; //[SerializeField] private float enemySpeed = 10f; //[SerializeField] private float enemyRange = 10f; //[SerializeField] private int enemyAttackSpeed = 15; #endregion [RPC] public void EnemyTakeDamage(int amount) { enemyHealthText.text = transform.name + " : " + enemyHealth.ToString(); if (enemyHealth > 0) { enemyHealth -= amount; } else { Debug.Log("This Enemy is dead"); Network.Destroy(this.gameObject); } } #region UseVarsInOtherScripts public int EnemyHealth { get { return enemyHealth; } set { if (enemyHealth < 0) { enemyHealth = 0; } else { enemyHealth = value; } } } #endregion } Btw I have an NetworkView component on all enemys. Here Shoot Method where I use RPC function. [Client] void Shoot() { RaycastHit hit; if(Physics.Raycast(cam.transform.position,cam.transform.forward,out hit,weapon.range,mask)) { if (hit.collider.tag == EnemyTag) { enemy = hit.collider.GetComponent<NetworkView>(); // if (!isLocalPlayer) //if I uncomment this will work but there will be actually 2 objects for each players.... enemy.RPC("EnemyTakeDamage", RPCMode.All, weapon.damage); // else // hit.collider.GetComponent<EnemyAttributes>().EnemyTakeDamage(weapon.damage); CmdPlayerShoot(transform.name, hit.collider.name); } } } If someone has any advice please help me thx !
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