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  1. Holographic Sight Low poly ready for videogames The model includes 4 textures: Diffuse Normal Specular Gloss Available on the Unity Assets Store, the package also includes the sight glass, a red dot and a script to use the red dot in any FPS project game. Holographic Sight - Unity Assets Store
  2. Hello, my name is Andres and I'm here to present my offer. What I'm willing to sell is a complete license of one of my 3d model projects, so, what do I mean by a complete license? Is simple, I will give you the complete project files (3d meshes, textures, PS files) of the model but also the rights of such project. That means you will be able to claim it as your own work/property and use it in whatever purpose you want, like use it exclusively on your video games projects or submit it to a 3d models store to resell it. If you are interested on this offer you can send me a pm here or via email on: andres_moreno1@outlook.es You can check both projects I'm willing to sell here: Jet Cockpit Holographic Sight
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