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  1. Prevent Spotlight to disappear near walls

    ok many thanks i got it...
  2. Prevent Spotlight to disappear near walls

    btw this work if i attahc the spotliht to the zero pos of the player but waht about if i want to have a flashlight attachment for a wepaon..i tried and the issue return..
  3. Prevent Spotlight to disappear near walls

    yeah.. i cannot managed to work before since i modified the flashlight on the clone player lol.. ..figured it.. many thanks..
  4. Prevent Spotlight to disappear near walls

    thanks to both for you replt but i dont understand what you mean.. my plashlight trasform postion for z axis is set to zero.. what i missed?
  5. Prevent Spotlight to disappear near walls

    I have a question from some time but never asked... how we can do to prevent spotloght(form flashlight for example) to not be shown when near a wall i want oto avoid that my flashlight disapper when player is near a wall..
  6. Fpskit drop wepaon bug

    yes model has rigidbody when instantiate after drop.. and i tried to change almost everything about collider size, drop position and drop force ect.. but at random drops weapons fall down into terrain (and yes i could see them in hierarchy and if i click on the model in hierachy i coan see it fall in the void )
  7. Fpskit drop wepaon bug

    Hi ..I'm trying to add free drop wepaon into fpskit 1.6 and i want ot player can be able to drop wepon always ..not only when he can swotch wepaon so i added this lines on WeaopnManager.cs // Added Drop Weapon integration Start if (weaponsInUse[0] != equipped || weaponsInUse[1] != equipped) { Debug.Log("equipped"); if (Input.GetKeyDown("g")) { DropWeapon(weaponToDrop); StartCoroutine(DeselectWeapon()); weaponsInUse[weaponToSelect] = weaponsInGame[0]; //Destroy(hit.transform.gameObject); } } //Drop Weapon Integration end and weapon drop works fine but sometimesI have a strange bug and when player drop wepaon ,wepaon fall into terrain and disapper...this not happen always so i cannot figure how to solve...ant hint?
  8. Weapon Wheel (GUI Weapon Selection) *Update*

    all great an wrik fine but when i use the whell how can i do to choose wepaon??
  9. FPSKIT 1.6

    many thanks ..i noticed that too but i was trying to solve by myself.. good to know..
  10. weapon underwatr pickup issue fpskit

    nope i I maybe figured the problem.. it's related to public void EnterWater() { canSwitch = false; for (int i = 0; i < weaponsInUse.Length; i++) { if(weaponsInUse.GetComponent<WeaponScriptNEW>() != null) weaponsInUse.GetComponent<WeaponScriptNEW>().Deselect(); weaponsInUse.gameObject.SetActive(false); } } in the weapon manager script... that made weapon cannot be equipped into water is there a waay i can make to pickup weapon underwater and not draw/equip it?
  11. weapon underwatr pickup issue fpskit

    Hi can someone can tell me why we cant pickup weapon underwater in the fpskit 1.6? all other pickable works fine but for wepaons only UI apper underwater when player is in pickup range and nothing when I press E key.. I noticed that since i added free drop weapon to ket kit (not only at wepaon switch) and casually i drop a wepaon and it gone into water ..i trie to pickup it but with no results.. I searched the scripts and i connot find anything realted to any particular condition about weapon pickup..
  12. cannot modify pickup message fpskit 1.6

    any hint
  13. fpskit 1.6ammo UI Scoped texture issue help

    got it many thanksto both..i figured it and all works great.. many many thanks...
  14. fpskit 1.6ammo Ui disable on start help

    worked great ..need to add some referecns to canvasmanager into Noweapon.cs but all worked great.. many thanks...OMA and OcularCash
  15. fpskit 1.6ammo Ui disable on start help

    my bad stupid idiot.. I was searching this funxtion is the weaponscriptnew... thanks again OMA.. and sorry for my noobish.. il'll try