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  1. I'm pretty sure there's a script in OMA's kit that lets the enemy take damage, but I'm not sure how to use it. Could someone give me a script that lets the enemy take damage with the weapon scripts provided? #pragma strict // FPS KIT [www.armedunity.com] var mainDamageReceiver : Target; var multiplier : float; var head : boolean = false; function ApplyDamage (hPoints : float ) { mainDamageReceiver.FinalDamage(hPoints * multiplier, head); } How could I apply this script to my enemies? Thanks
  2. Thanks, but what about the enemy taking damage and dying?
  3. Sorry for asking for so much, but would you mind helping with the detection of a player within a certain radius and also a script for the enemy taking damage and dying? Thank you
  4. Thank you so much everyone, especially OneManArmy for helping me. You guys are lifesavers <3
  5. Thank you so much for helping, but I'm getting an error that says and I'm not sure how to fix it.
  6. Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand as I am fairly new to scripting as I mentioned before. Could you show me how I can apply if(dist < 2.0) ApplyDamage(damage); into the script that Johannes provided? Could you also add the attack rate into the script? I also wouldn't want to use A* pathfinding as I already have Nav Mesh, which is easier and less time consuming for me. Thank you
  7. Thanks, but I have another problem. The enemies seem to be attacking way too fast. Is there a way to add intervals between attacks? For example, the enemy can attack once and then he won't deal damage again until he waits for a second. Could you also help with enemies detecting the player within a radius? For example, the enemy will run at the player if the player is within the radius. I already have the running animation set up, but the enemies will run at the player from across the map. I'm pretty new at Unity and scripting, so this is difficult for me. Thank you so much <3
  8. Hi, could anyone show me how my character can take damage on collision with the enemies in my game? I am using the Health Script that comes with Oma's FPS Kit. Thanks
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