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  1. OMG I LOVE YOU (no homo) You Save My Game M8!!!
  2. thx
  3. Nice post
  4. Don't worry I could do it if you want (free)
  5. Finally I found it, thx pals
  6. Its ok pals
  7. introduction

    Hello, pals My Name Mufabil45 and i still newbie at Unity, btw i Have game project it called "Sukabumi: Untold Story", This games is about history of Sukabumi city ( if don't know it, ask Google keyword : Sukabumi, West Java). and btw i Have trouble at my game project, i don't know how to create ww1 and 2 weapons, weapon animation And many more. Thank you 4 your attention. (Actually This project was inspired from Battlefield 1)
  8. introduction

    Its ok pals
  9. Would you make a watch tower?pls