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  1. Greetings, So I installed 2D LWRP to my project. Well everything going well. except for the 2D point light, I've set the angle to 360 but it's still has a small gap (as shown in the picture). I've checked the rendering setting but it seems like I missed something. can anybody help please? Thanks in advance . Edit: I fixed it, so there's a bug in 2D LWRP when you use invisible Sprite-Lit-Default Shader, it will alter the light source, to fix it simply just change the shader to Sprites/Default.
  2. Greetings, I have a question, seems like my quality render distance is really low. I was try to increase it but seems like I don't find any option to tweak it. Did I miss something , please it would be lovely if you tell me what I'm missing ? https://ibb.co/HnrnPxG (please check the image)
  3. @UnityGamesRoland i found this solution on reddit and yet i didn't really use rendering pineline anyway yes i already checked that unity beta, its really awesome
  4. The problem's solved, i remove Lightweight Rendering Pipeline from package manager.
  5. Greetings I don't understand why i can't see any details/grass in my terrain this bug is also occurs in previous Unity version, then i hear that Unity Beta has Terrain update so i tried to update unity version but the error didn't go away. Any idea why ? Thanks in advance
  6. @geckooit's actually a table, thanks for your lovely comment, I'll add more elements soon
  7. @Zac_ @UnityGamesRoland thanks for your advice!
  8. Here is my main menu concept of my upcoming game, any advice or opinions?
  9. @OcularCashthis time you don't need to do that cause when that script on your gameobject, the changes will saved
  10. Greetings guys I found this simple yet awesome script for your project. I'm not making this script so just want to share with you guys. Usage Just Add "Save Play Mode Changes" to your desire GameObject then you are free to edit that GameObject during Play Mode without getting reseted it Link : https://github.com/inkle/Unity-Save-Play-Mode-Changes
  11. @oxydy Greetings from your friendly neighbors Indonesia. How long you learn Unity?
  12. Its different type of of errors
  13. I foumd this message when im making new projects, what am i suppose to do?
  14. @TalkZer Hmm I'll try that Edit : It doesn't effect anything
  15. @OneManArmy i tried that but didn't make that bug go away
  16. @TalkZer i do but nothing happened
  17. I have this bug when i open Unity 5 Project into Unity 2018 Editor, the thing is its make all of my project error for no reason, pls help btw im using Unity 2018.1.0f2
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