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  1. Assertion: should not be reached bug

    I have this bug when i open Unity 5 Project into Unity 2018 Editor, the thing is its make all of my project error for no reason, pls help btw im using Unity 2018.1.0f2
  2. Free Survival Game Template

    Lovely assets
  3. This might be help you
  4. How to make fps wingsuit system

    Greetings, i want to ask how to create wingsuit system that quite similar to Farcry game? . Here an example: Thanks in advance.
  5. Game development memes

    Hullo idk what am i doing here i just wanna share some memes about game dev. Hope ya laik it
  6. Rondé

    @geckoo thanks Lizard (lol jk)
  7. Rondé

    Greetings. Are you mentally prepare to play this cartoony game?, Rondé is an platformers adventure game, y'all gonna face insane amount of unexpected challenge in this game. What are you waiting for?, download now, its 100% free. Link: https://gamejolt.com/games/Ronde/345356
  8. Bad content on Steam

    Finally asshole game developers are gunna be gone (maybe)
  9. Realistic FPS Prefab Bug

    Greetings. Im using RFPSP in Unity 2018. I want to make a custom character for my game but it seems like its have a broken spine bug, I've asked the developers about this but they didn't respond yet, any idea of how to fix it?
  10. Creepy Horror Piano

    @BlackMamba97 Thanks man, i still new at music composing and i still use looping music style
  11. The Division UI

    @randomrabbit i wish i know the script mate
  12. The Division UI

    Greetings mates, i have a question How to make UI that rotating around player, quite similar to The Division style? Thanks in advance.
  13. How to purchase assets with Paypal Balance

    @randomrabbit its ok its fixed now, its actually need a time to applied
  14. Greetings I still strugling to buy an assets with paypal balance cause i don't have a credit card But its seem like i must use credit card with paypal, but i could do a payment at sellfy.com without a credit card I already change the payment method at paypal setting into paypal balance Is there any way to solve it? Thanks in advance.
  15. Help in Settings Menu

    @jolo309 its help me thanks