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  1. Easy Breaking Glass

  2. Free Note Texture

    Hello guys imma share my texture Link: https://opengameart.org/content/free-note-texture I hope you like it :3
  3. Creepy Horror Piano

    Hello guys. I made a piano instrument for my horror games project and i just wanna share it to you guys and i hope you like it. 😊 Preview Via Soundcloud : https://goo.gl/dV6L1c Download (Google Drive) : https://goo.gl/BDeCg1 LICENCE : You can you use it for your project even it's COMMERCIAL PROJECT , you don't need to CREDITS me But i'll appreciate it if you credits me. DO NOT CLAIM IT AS YOUR WORK!!!
  4. Any Idea for moving HUD script

    THX M8
  5. Any Idea for moving HUD script

    Btw where do i applied the code ?
  6. Shake camera

    Omg you are my hero :3
  7. Thx imma try it, (tbh i still confuse)
  8. I try to make a target locator script with a distance measurement (like in the red circle). I already have a target locator script (without measurement) from this thread by geckoo But still i confuse to make a distance measurement. Pls help
  9. Any Idea for moving HUD script

    Thx dude
  10. Any Idea for moving HUD script

    Hmmm.... Thanks for the advice
  11. Any Idea for moving HUD script

    Greeting Guys i have a question. Any idea how to make something like in this Video ?
  12. Target locator in HUD

    OMG THX :3
  13. First texture pack, looking for feedback

    Wawwwww nice
  14. Bird Scare Pack

  15. Creepy sound

    Thx m8