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  1. Nice work m8, i hope no one fu*king flip this assets
  2. Camera sway effect

    Thanks m8
  3. Free Texture On Request

    Guess you right
  4. How to achive the camera swaying effect

    Its work but not as i expected but thanks you :3
  5. Free Texture On Request

    Hello Peeps Today i will make a texture based on your request Conditions : -Don't expect its good cause i am using a free software -You can use it for any kind of project (even commercial) -Credits are not required but i will appreciate it -Do not resell the texture -You may distribute it (Credits me) -Stay Patients -I am still learning so please stay patient -Do not claim it as your work Here some of my work
  6. How to achive the camera swaying effect

    Thanks you m8 im try it :3
  7. Greetings peeps, i want to get a swaying camera effect like in this video But somehow i can't do it, can anyone help me please Thanks in advance :3
  8. Advance First Person Controller

    yep at least better than default Unity FPS Controller
  9. Hello Peeps Im not making this Asset i just wanna share it I hope you like it :3
  10. How to Look Behind like in Outlast game ?

    Thx Dude
  11. How to Look Behind like in Outlast game ?

    Thanks for the tips m8
  12. How to Look Behind like in Outlast game ?

    Hehe lemme try and thx btw
  13. COLOR WORDS (Android mobile game)

    Nice Game dude, keep it up
  14. Problem with Casting Shadows

    Can i see your weapon and main camera setting pls ?
  15. Hello Guys Here is my script function Update () { if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Q)){ transform.Rotate(Vector3.up,180); //When i press Q, the camera will rotate should be rotate 180° } if(Input.GetKeyUp(KeyCode.Q)){ transform.Rotate(Vector3.up,-180); // When I dont press Q, the camera will rotate back to normal posisition } } I was trie to make Look Back System like in Outlast game but somehow the rotation Axis jumping beetwen two values, tried to make the value changing smoothly but i tried many function but it didn't work. Thanks in Advance