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  1. The Division UI

    @randomrabbit i wish i know the script mate
  2. The Division UI

    Greetings mates, i have a question How to make UI that rotating around player, quite similar to The Division style? Thanks in advance.
  3. How to purchase assets with Paypal Balance

    @randomrabbit its ok its fixed now, its actually need a time to applied
  4. Greetings I still strugling to buy an assets with paypal balance cause i don't have a credit card But its seem like i must use credit card with paypal, but i could do a payment at sellfy.com without a credit card I already change the payment method at paypal setting into paypal balance Is there any way to solve it? Thanks in advance.
  5. Help in Settings Menu

    @jolo309 its help me thanks
  6. Help in Settings Menu

    @geckoo I change it to public but i cant even see it in inspector, i already set debug mode but i still dont see it
  7. Help in Settings Menu

    Greetings Everyone I got an error from my settings menu script. I write this script from Brackeys YouTube video tutorial It seems like i do some kind of typo or something but i can't find it Here a script using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.Audio; using UnityEngine.UI; public class Settingsmenu : MonoBehaviour{ public AudioMixer audioMixer; private Resolution[] resolutions; public Dropdown resolutionDropdown; void Start(){ resolutions= Screen.resolutions; resolutionDropdown.ClearOptions(); List<string> options = new List<string>(); int currentResolutionIndex = 0; for (int i = 0; i < resolutions.Length; i++) { string option = resolutions[i].width+"x"+resolutions[i].height; options.Add (option); if(resolutions[i].width==Screen.currentResolution.width && resolutions[i].height == Screen.currentResolution.height) { currentResolutionIndex=i; } resolutionDropdown.AddOptions (options); resolutionDropdown.value = currentResolutionIndex; resolutionDropdown.RefreshShownValue(); } resolutionDropdown.AddOptions(options); resolutionDropdown.value = currentResolutionIndex; resolutionDropdown.RefreshShownValue(); } public void SetVolume(float volume){ audioMixer.SetFloat("volume",volume); } public void SetQuality (int qualityIndex){ QualitySettings.SetQualityLevel(qualityIndex); } public void SetFullscreen(bool isFullscreen){ Screen.fullScreen = isFullscreen; } public void SetResolution (int resolutionIndex){ Resolution resolution = resolutions [resolutionIndex]; Screen.SetResolution(resolution.width, resolution.height, Screen.fullScreen); } } by the way all functions work perfectly but only a resolution function that didn't work properly and Thanks in advance here an error messege.
  8. Horizontal Compass

    Thanks M8
  9. How to make conpass system ?

    Thx m8
  10. How to make conpass system ?

    Greetings everyone, How to make a conpass system like in We Happy Few Thanks in advance.
  11. Target locator in HUD

    Thx m8
  12. Target locator in HUD

    Can you tell me how to remove a fade out effect pls ?
  13. Nice work m8, i hope no one fu*king flip this assets
  14. Camera sway effect

    Thanks m8
  15. Free Texture On Request

    Guess you right