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  1. No one does. But hey, it's a free game!
  2. Looks nice! I am a huge fan of Mario Kart. I would like to see where this is going! Give me beta key please...
  3. 11/10, Great job! And it being rigged is a +1
  4. Looks great!! It's the AK-74/U, right?
  5. A did do a quick google search, but couldn't find much. I didn't search armed unity's forum, however. I didn't even know there was one until now. Thanks!
  6. Hello, how would I do progressive reloading? And, I cannot do a foreach loop, as for all I know, they require an array, while my bullets are stored as an int, not an array of ints, or whatever. Guidence would be helpful. Thank you!
  7. I just decided to go with normal, average, any basic fps, cod and battlefield, recoil.
  8. Hi, anyone know how to go about making recoil like in CS:GO I have tried a few ways, including animation, but it just doesn't seem to work. Thanks
  9. That looks pretty neat! It will totally help my sister out!
  10. Hey guys, what do you think about the new Unity Version, 2017?
  11. Multiplayer? if not, can you link me to a kit that has multiplayers? I am trying to make a game similar to your AU modern multiplayer FPS. All i have is shooting, and reloading. Thanks.
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