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  1. It's not really what i meant to ask. I think i saw this kit updated for u5 a few months ago, and now it's gone, just wondering why? @geckoo It's working, this kit its u5.3.3 + have some small errors, nothing too crazy
  2. Was this kit removed from download section?
  3. Hello,in my bullet script this is how collision is detected: private float speed = 10; private LayerMask layer; private void Start() { Collider[] collisions = Physics.OverlapSphere (transform.position, .3f, layer); if (collisions.Length > 0) { OnCollision (collisions [0], transform.position); } } private void Update() { float moveDistance = Time.deltaTime * speed; transform.Translate (Vector3.forward * moveDistance); CheckCollisions (moveDistance); } private void CheckCollisions(float moveDistance) { Ray ray = new Ray (transform.position, transform.forward); RaycastHit hit; if (Physics.Raycast (ray, out hit, moveDistance, layer, QueryTriggerInteraction.Collide)) { OnCollision (hit.collider, hit.point); } } private void OnCollision(Collider hitObj,Vector3 hitPoint) { GameObject.Destroy (gameObject); } But the problem is that sometimes bullet can get through the any object and it get destroyed faster than when it hit anything. How can i correct that?