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  1. Maybe you should recreate the project files. Like, keep the assets and project sittings and delete everything else and then open in unity and let it to create the needed files
  2. I think you should. Its doesnt affect with anything if you keep in settings panel anyway and besides the au community who know who use it
  3. Hello, recently i found out more about scriptable objects beside their existence. So i was thinking if i should integrate this into my project. My project is a multiplayer sandbox fps game with multiple game modes. For now item contain data and functions and player use a specific functions from there at a input signal. My idea is to transfer all the functions inside the player, and use this functions with the given data that comes in a form of scriptable object(or even a monoBehaviour script) from the item. I did my homework and search on google for opinions and advices, and i saw many that use this, but i want to stick with armedunity community's advices, my journey to gamedev start here after all. My project become big and i don't want to make a change that i'm not sure about. So finally, which way should i go, should i stick with current system or should i change with this new way, which would be the benefits and the downsights of each (it's using less memory?, optimization?, ... )? Thank you
  4. They(landfallstudio) said on their twitter the game already reach over 1kk players, although the game launched very poorly on the network side
  5. https://store.steampowered.com/app/823130/Totally_Accurate_Battlegrounds/ You can add this game for free in your library in less than 2 days, after that you will need to pay, take it now till you can!!
  6. bgs2k

    Mouse Look

    Hello, simple question about the mouse look script, that oma use in his fps kit. So here the line: rotationX += (Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * sensitivityX /30*cmra.GetComponent<Camera>().fieldOfView + offsetX); And the question is about the last part: /30*cmra.GetComponent<Camera>().fieldOfView + offsetX); What exactly does and how it's affecting the mouse look?
  7. public float smooth = 4.0f; public float tiltAngle = 5.0f; public float maxTiltAngle = 15; public Transform tiltTarget; private void Update () { if (Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") != 0 || Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") != 0) { float TiltY = Mathf.Clamp(Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * -tiltAngle, -maxTiltAngle, maxTiltAngle); float TiltX = Mathf.Clamp(Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * tiltAngle, -maxTiltAngle, maxTiltAngle); Quaternion newRotation = Quaternion.Euler(TiltX, TiltY, 0); tiltTarget.localRotation = Quaternion.Lerp(tiltTarget.localRotation, newRotation, Time.deltaTime * smooth); } else { tiltTarget.localRotation = Quaternion.Lerp(tiltTarget.localRotation, Quaternion.identity, Time.deltaTime * smooth); } } you left some codes that helped this script to communicate with other scripts, also i removed TiltZ because it was active when the player was moving otherwise it was 0, so i removed and just say 0 at z axis. this should work now
  8. bgs2k

    Shader Problem

    The problem was unity, i reinstalled it and work perfecly fine. No clue what happend tho.
  9. bgs2k

    Shader Problem

    here i calculate the final color between 2 point if t.a = 0 then final color is : color 1 * (1-0) + color 2 * 0 => color1; if t.a = 1 then final color is : color 1 * (1-1) + color 2 * 1 => color2; if t.a = anywhere between then final color is : color 1 * (1-x) + color 2 * x => new color 3 it doesnt matter if i have a zero i will still have a color, but i tried using half4 and then lerp ( color1, color2, based on color2.a) that basically does the same thing, but didnt work at all. btw i just looked on the build in shader that unity provide us on site, decal work with main texture = fixed4, decal texture = half4, and then recalculate main with lerp, so ..., i dont thing that mathematical is a problem
  10. bgs2k

    Shader Problem

    Hello, so i wrote a shader that act like the legacy shader/decal but contains 3 texture : Shader "Exemple" { Properties { _Texture1 ("1st Texture", 2D) = "white" {} //Background Image _Texture2 ("2st Texture", 2D) = "white" {} //Middle Image _Texture3 ("3rd Texture", 2D) = "white" {} //Main Image } SubShader { tags { "RenderType"="Opaque"} LOD 300 CGPROGRAM #pragma surface surf Lambert sampler2D _Texture1; sampler2D _Texture2; sampler2D _Texture3; struct Input { float2 uv_Texture1; float2 uv_Texture2; float2 uv_Texture3; }; So here with say to our shader, "hey, i have for u 3 textures", Now let put 3rd texture on top of 2nd , and both an top of 1st void surf (Input IN, inout SurfaceOutput o) { // Lets take their color fixed4 t1 = tex2D (_Texture1, IN.uv_Texture1); fixed4 t2 = tex2D (_Texture2, IN.uv_Texture2); fixed4 t3 = tex2D (_Texture3, IN.uv_Texture3); //And now lets imagine a nice view, on top of every face of a cube. //The aqua blue sky image in the background //Then a nice fluffy cloud //And then a magical bird flying for no reaseon //A shiny view... //Now lets place 3rd texture on top of 2nd fixed4 c2 = t2.rgba * (1 - t3.a); fixed4 c3 = t3.rgba * t3.a; //So this will be like the the actor of the scene with some scenes decoration,the bird and the cloud fixed4 c23 = c2.rgba + c3.rgba; //Ok then let put our bird and cloud on top of our background fixed4 c1 = t1.rgba * (1 - c23.a); fixed4 c4 = c23.rgba * c23.a; //Now lets combine everything o.Albedo = c1.rgb + c4.rgb; o.Alpha = c1.a + c4.a; } ENDCG } Fallback "Legacy Shaders/Diffuse" } Ok, nice, very nice, but what its wrong, there's no texture on my cube :(. I have everything setup correctly. If its there any good souls that will help me again :D, please :), i'm tring to figure it out from yesterday, but maybe im not that smart, im giving up. No errors tho.
  11. bgs2k

    Texture Gaps

    Thank you, this was very useful. Besides this, i changed the opacity of the texture, and it works perfectly
  12. bgs2k

    Texture Gaps

    Although, i could make 1px larger every texture part, a just wandering id this its a 'float' imprecision of unity, and how can i solve it
  13. bgs2k

    Texture Gaps

    Hello, in my game i use a very simple 3d style, just some cubes with pixel textures. But I keep getting this problem, gaps between faces. I go to blender, assign every face to a part of texture, using snap pixel option. I delete the unused part of texture, make it transparent. And finnaly, setup everything in unity, but my model keep geting this gaps from the texture. How can i solve it, i "Google" but what i find wasnt useful. Here its an example: http://imgur.com/WmLMilc Some models have bigger gaps, other model smaller ones
  14. It's not really what i meant to ask. I think i saw this kit updated for u5 a few months ago, and now it's gone, just wondering why? @geckoo It's working, this kit its u5.3.3 + have some small errors, nothing too crazy
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