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  1. Custom Icon on Unity 2017

    Unity as a program likes to assign icons to specific names of objects in your Assets. The only one I really know about is try making a script and name it Folder.
  2. Paxitium Update Videos

    Looks great! Low poly seems to be a great fit for this type of game. I wonder, will the multiplayer gameplay be more akin to Rust and Unturned (Kill on Sight, Survival), or will the gameplay be more unique?
  3. Need some feedback on my asset's documentation

    The Documentation looks great! Sure seems to explain most things, however you should go into a bit more detail on the PlayerMotorBehavior and the PlayerCameraBehavior, like you did with the PlayerStaminaBehavior. Would make things a whole lot easier on people.
  4. Redesigning

    No problem! I got into a bit of a phase of Youtube Gameplay walkthroughs back in the day, so I still have some of that knowledge about Video Editing and recording
  5. Redesigning

    A good recording software for straight up recording a desktop is OBS. Free and open source. If you have a Nvidia GPU, Shadowplay is a good one, and AMD has a solution called ReLive. Both of those are included in graphics drivers.
  6. What do you guys think about Unity 2017?

    Should've just kept with the numbers. Feels odd, and most likely people will just be confused. But the new features look cool, although I'm too new to use them (Timeline, Cinematics)
  7. [AssetStore] Achievement Creator - Now Available!

    Looks great! I'll be sure to check it out if/when I need achievements!
  8. Devlog Section?

    Hey there! Wow, must have missed this for some odd reason. Yes, those are devlogs. Sorry about that.
  9. Devlog Section?

    Hey guys. I was wondering if we could have a subtopic about Devlogs maybe in Showcase. I think it would be pretty nice, and you could implement it like it is on TigSource for example.
  10. Hey, I'm Called Redemize

    Welcome to the fourm!
  11. Sticking to one game idea?

    I agree. I was once in a team. Now, I only did a little bit on work, (and possibly they even redid my work to suit their needs) but I did learn a bunch and it seemed like the dev was easier.
  12. Hi, I'm Battlefrog.

    Hello! I found this forum because of OneManArmy's Devlog about his Modern FPS. I'm actually in the process of learning Unity, and I really do like this engine. Tada!
  13. FP Dodgeball game(WIP)

    Great job! The game certainly is fun, and reminds me of playing it! With some more polish, this could be a really fun game.
  14. Use raycast as a pointer ?

    About your Start() method, use Awake(). It's much more efficient. https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/MonoBehaviour.Awake.html
  15. GameStop Publishing

    Certainly seems interesting. As Smokey said is does seem like a quick business effort to save them once physical games go out of style and practicality.