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  1. Hey all!  I've finally been able to work on my multiplayer FPS Gunmetal again and it's coming along pretty well.  I've been able to redo the menu and add a custom game launcher that is able to patch, add more weapons, and the ability to go prone.  The map is also a new addition.  Let me know what you think along with what I should add or remove.  Thanks for the support and the feedback!  Hopefully, I will be able to release a stable Alpha soon for testing.





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  2. It's meant to be a fan project since I am well aware that EA has a copyright to Star Wars games.  I may switch to something more generic like plain sword fighting if I want to make the game commercially available.  Thanks for the concern though I appreciate it.

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  3. Wasn't really sure whether to put this in discussion or showcase since I've made some progress on it...But anyways I really like Star Wars and For Honor and was like why not put them together.  This is by no means near finished since the walking anim is still a little wacky and the saber fighting is too close but I'm uploading a part 2 in the future where that stuff should be fixed.  Let me know what you guys think of the concept/add feedback on what you'd like to see.

    I've already added correct saber hit sounds but that's not in this video.   Also the map may change a little cause its not Star Wars enough right now. Enjoy 😄



    - SKIP about 3/4 through if you want to go straight to the fighting

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  4. Honestly it started out as a personal project and I just didn't have any time to make it into a little side game.  It's meant to be a "demo" level but I understand that people will probably use it in their games.  It might be more of an issue if someone tries to make a full on commercial game with the exact level at which point they can easily make a different one since all the assets are individual.  Thanks for feedback :d

  5. Good point.  Its more of a map pack I guess :P.  The people who reviewed it must not have had a problem with it since I haven't seen anything in my research saying it's illegal to make a similar map.  Will keep in mind. 


    Hey everyone!


    Its been a little bit since I've posted and that's because I've been working on a cartoonish/low-poly shipyards asset.  It finally got approved and released on the asset store so I would be honored if you wanted to check it out!


    Store Page - Please login or register to see this link.


    Showcase Video - 


    - 2 Storage houses
    - 1 Loading house
    - 1 Bridge
    - 1 Warehouse
    - 1 Aircraft carrier
    - 1 Jet
    - 2 Trucks
    - 1 Forklift
    - 1 Trailer
    - 1 Barge
    - 1 Train
    - 1 Barrel
    - 1 Cardboard box
    - 1 Chain link fence
    - 1 Crane
    - 6 different shipping containers
    - 1 Dirt pile
    - 1 Rock debris
    - 1 Electrical Box
    - 2 fence types
    - 1 Radio tower
    - 1 Road block
    - 1 Sand crate
    - 2 signs
    - 1 Tree
    - 1 Bush


    - Slap Chicken Games 2018

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  7. Hi everyone!


    It's been a while since I've posted...but here's a little something I was able to cook up in 2ish hours with the standard assets.  I've never really had a big budget so I just wanted to show people that alot can be done with a little.  Tell me what you think and I hope you all enjoy.  I may give a download at some point if requested...but you all have standard assets :P.



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  8. The Ballad of Lighting McPedo


    He sees you when your sleeping,

    He knows when you're awake,

    He'll drive in all your windows,

    And snatch all your people up,

    He'll find your kids, and your wife,

    They call him Papi,

    Because he takes the Mexicans first,

    Then the blacks, but he'll shoot them, cause he racist,

    He makes you watch 50 shades of grey,

    Wears a condom every day,

    Stocks baby oil in his closet,

    He makes water run from your faucet,

    Keeps his bed extra neat,

    Then makes you go to sleep(eternally),

    He has candy in his car,

    For the kids who go down too far,

    He captured Batman,

    To make the Cocwayne,

    Drives the crack-van,

    Says there is no pain,

    He'll plug the holes,

    Thats why they call him the plumber,

    When you've had enough, he puts you down under,

    And when you think he's finished,

    He's never done,

    He'll pick you up and slap dem buns,

    He then moves on, you'll be begging for more,

    But he'll throw you on the street, and then slam the door.







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  9. Hey again!


    So i've always liked legos since I was a kid and I noticed that nobody has ever tried to make a lego FPS before.  So I decided to try my luck.  For now, im using the help of the ezfps kit to have a base so I can see how everything looks.  All the lego models are made by me so I just need to rescript some things.  Stuff it has so far:


    - Photon 

    - Weapon customization

    - Lego people explode instead of ragdollizing when dead

    - Moving avatar(profile pic)

    - Dank music

    - Map selection

    - Bots & Zombies

    - Rotating skyboxes

    - More stuff to come


    Here's a demo link if you want to play or test the game out.  Feel free to give feedback or suggestions. - Please login or register to see this link.




    Please login or register to see this attachment.

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  10. Hey guys!


    Geckoo requested for me to demonstrate something i've made in the past so here's a little demo of an rpg I've been working on.  - Please login or register to see this link.









    *all basic rpg functions*

    minimap,bag,equipment/character sheet, etc.


    click based movement and attack

    different classes

    the list goes on...


    Feel free to give me suggestions or criticize :) !  See you around,




    Please login or register to see this attachment.

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  11. Sure geckoo ill post a topic about an mmorpg I've been working on for some time.  It uses the ummoRPG package as a base.  And yeah, it's multiplayer.  I'm currently working on converting the unity multiplayer functions to photon(cause photon is my life :) ).



  12. Hiya!


    I'm a dev who's been using unity for i think around 3 years now.  I love to create my own games from scratch(although they never really get published :P).  I also love to mod packages and make them better with the knowledge i have.  I'm also kinda sad that I hadn't discovered armedunity sooner because this looks like a great community.  Hope to see you around.



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