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  1. Update: Accidentally erased data when transferring from original HDD to higher-capacity drive, so all past progress has been lost. I had frameworked the basic movement system, blocked out 3 original maps and 2 remakes (Sandtrap and Valhalla/Blood Gulch mix), had a basic UI implemented, and some in-game audio/soundtrack stuff. May have some models or files on another drive but the lack of updates is due to this self-inflicted problem. Hopefully I'll have some measurable progress to showoff within Q1 2017. Thanks for the patience!
  2. Discord Interview Server - https://discord.gg/wxDk9Qj
  3. I do understand your points, every single one. They're all valid arguments, but it's honestly something I myself want to do, regardless of profit and not owning it's rights. I would love to get a job at 343i some day and a fan project like this would definitely help And about the pro-builder model, it didn't take very long and it's only there to show people I'm not just pulling ideas out of my a**. I want to make my own games eventually, but this is my main focus and something I've been documenting for a while. You'll see that I'm not just wasting my time
  4. My name is Justin Smith, I'm 16 years old and an ex developer from the fan-game "Installation 01". While I was on the team, I learned a lot about the way a functional team should work, and the proper foundations of game development. I also learned a bit of 3d modelling due to my role in the team (designing layouts and blocking out maps). I recently departed from the project, and decided to start working on my own fan game. I was able to gather together some developers and we are currently working on a project titled "Project Cartographer". "Project Cartographer" aspires to become something Halo has yet to try, an open-world exploration game. Our current concept is for Project Cartographer to be based around an open-world "Firefight" mode, where you can unlock secrets and easter eggs, side with factions, and embark on side missions to upgrade your character and progress the story. Forge and Multiplayer are an eventual possibility, although that is not our focus and no work is currently being devoted to that. I plan to do monthly updates on the project, and screenshots will be shown when possible. We're definitely looking for developers in just about every field, and if you think you have what it takes, shoot me an email at: solaris.osiris.i01@gmail.com
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