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  1. Hello, I'm using the FPSKit_v1.3.5. The project is being built for android, so I am replacing the models with low poly ones. I have all the "low poly gun models" lined across a table, they have colliders and weapon index and I can pick them up. Then, I have clones of these "low poly gun models" with only a "Weapon Script" & "Weapon Index" and these are attached to the Weapon Camera (for when wielded) So, all is perfect, until i drop a weapon. When the "low poly gun models" get dropped they are replaced with the original "high poly models". Although they do still have an index and everything works perfectly, except i want these "dropped models" to be the "low poly models" I tried, replacing the "World Models (Rigidbody)" with the low poly models (in the WeaponManager). But, then they disappear after dropping them. Not sure what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please & Thank you!
  2. Hello, I am a noob to Unity and I'm having trouble making a simple change to a script. Hopefully someone can help! I've recently had success using the "FPSKit 1.3.5 JS" with "Google VR", using the "GvrViewerMain" Prefab. I had to make some simple changes to the scripts to allow the player to move and raycast in the "Camera Direction". I'm attempting the same method now, with the FPSKit 1.5 C# Before, when I was using the Unity "Standard Assets - FPS Controller" I could just attach the "GvrViewerMain" to the "MainCamera" and then "hold Alt for head movement simulation" worked perfectly. This time, (in the FPS 1.5 C#) I attach the "GvrViewerMain" to the MainCamera and, pressing the Alt key causes the camera rotation to be very strange. (rotating and tilting) Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello! I am a noob, with no formal education, so, I really appreciate these free FPSKits! They're great for learning, awesome for noobs like myself. I'm using the FPSKit v1.3.5 written in Unity Javascript. The issue I'm having is with the GUI elements. (ex. health, ammo, score, etc.) I simply want to move them to the top center of the screen. But, the only GUI experience I have is with the new Unity GUI Canvas etc. I think I have to change the "Rect Width/Height values". But, I'm not sure where?? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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