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  1. Project MMO 2D - Concept UI

    I've always like retro games, isometric style (2.5D, 3D) and also 2D games like zelda, final fantasy (snes), chrono trigger. I have already seen several 2D MMO games but my idea is to bring an open world game into graphics in that style. For example, 2D games always have a classic theme to kill some bosses, solve puzzle and save the princess but what I want is to go further, my idea is to create a game where you evolve your character the way you want and adventure in A giant 2D world with several unique maps, cities with different biomes etc. I have ideas that will bring unique systems for this style of play and an adventure totally different from the other 2D games. My idea is not to copy a game for example wow but to bring a sense of freedom to inside a 2D game. Logic that there will be basic systems like in any other MMO for example group system, pet, guild, pvp, pve, trade and so on. But soon I will post more advances of this project and I will explain and show my idea more clearly. I really appreciate your support guys , here is a great community with extremely intelligent people and who make their own games and scripts, receiving support and praise from you is very important to me because it makes me believe in my ideas and move on.
  2. Project MMO 2D - Concept UI

    The post is a bit old, so it does not remember kkk, Guys,, thanks for the support, your comments help me a lot. Soon I will post more progress on the project.
  3. Project MMO 2D - Concept UI

    @Whyherro thanks man, I'm evolving the project every day and it's great when someone on the level of you and others here recognize it. @OcularCash A while ago I created a topic questioning how I could do this and you gave some tips and even wrote a sample code, it was very important. Thanks
  4. Project MMO 2D - Concept UI

    Hello mates, Here is the interface of the project I'm working on. It may still change but that is the basic concept. The project is being developed in unity, in the future I will create a topic showing the progress of this game. All panels are draggable When equipping an item it changes the character look All the design was made using free resources in the interface as well maps and character. I need to adjust some border edges and image positions but that's basically it. Suggestions are welcome, remembering that I am developing this project from scratch @OcularCash Thanks for the tips. With your help I found a way and I was able to create a fully functional inventory system and changes the look of the character and will be useful for other things like craft, skills (hotkeys), chests etc ... seeya!.
  5. [Unity 2D] Character Paperdoll System

    @OcularCash Thank you very much for giving me this example, There really should be several ways to create this system, but that way it was very clear where I should start and how to handle this system. I will start developing and see what progress I can make by following that thought. Seeya!.
  6. [Unity 2D] Character Paperdoll System

    Hello folks!, I am creating a 2D online game based on a fantasy and adventure world, the logical part between server and client I am going muto well until now, I have done all the treatments of this type and also implemented the database. But an important thing is the inventory system, where I will equip the character and change his look, but in 3D games this is not difficult but I am finding it difficult to do for a 2D game that are treated as sprites .. I'll need support, if anyone knows where I start, suggestion, idea, anything is welcome. For example: When equipping an armor I know I should by the sprite on top of the other, that's fine, I can activate the sprite but how will I use the correct sprites for the animations of the original sprite, for example, when the player moves left it use the armor sprite on the same side and so on for the other positions. How can I do animations of sprites related to attacks when equipping a sword. In fact it is an equipment system for sprites (2D characters as in RPG Maker games). I have seen this system in other engines but I have never been able to reproduce in unity, if anyone can help me, I am grateful. See you.
  7. [Photon] Health/Mana slider

    it works! Thanks guys, I understood how to handle these values, the system to regenerate health and mana is now correct and I learned to treat others values over network... http://prnt.sc/b2kwqj I can now send and receive required values that need to be updated constantly, like the position of the player etc..
  8. [Photon] Health/Mana slider

    thanks, I will try to do. when I get some result I will back here to report progress. I have a database that when loads the player and it spawns in the world it brings the information from the database as health, mana, strength, endurance etc. these values are in direct script attached on player, its necessary to photon pass these values to all other clients in the same way/function OnSerializeView?. I realized that to spawn the player these values do not update over network, to all others players, only local.
  9. [Photon] Health/Mana slider

    It would be something like this? public void OnPhotonSerializeView(PhotonStream stream, PhotonMessageInfo info) { if (stream.isWriting) { Debug.Log ("Is Writing"); } else { Debug.Log ("Is Reading"); } } but with this method I can pass values both health as the sliders? You could give me an example? if not take your time. Thanks for the reply.
  10. [Photon] Health/Mana slider

    guys, I'm having trouble passing values with PunRPC for the sliders values. I am creating a script to regenerate the values of health and mana every x seconds. Like: [PunRPC] public void HealthPointRegen() { int regen = resistence / 2; if (health < healthSlider.maxValue) { health += regen; healthSlider.value += regen; } Debug.Log("You regen: " + regen + " health points and your current health is: " + health); } and calling on the update: time += Time.deltaTime; if (time > timeToWait) { this.GetComponent<PhotonView>().RPC("HealthPointRegen", PhotonTargets.All); time = 0; } With that, the values are not passed over the network and other clients do not update. help!. thanks...
  11. Photon 2D Movement animations

    I did not know that photon animator view component, and that was it I wanted. Thank you for bringing this documentation. Can close the topic, my question was clear. Here is an example of working 2D movement using photon and animator: http://i.imgur.com/fsp1fvn.gifv
  12. Photon 2D Movement animations

    Hello guys, I'm creating a project in 2D RPG concept and am trying to figure out a way to get through PunRPC my sprite animations. I am using a blend tree for idle and walking animations, I made a simple transition between these two states. Local animations work perfectly and synchronization as well, but just can not run the animations in the network. Can anybody help me? here is my movement code. It is short and simple to understand. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class PlayerMovement : MonoBehaviour { public PhotonView myPV; public Animator anim; private float input_x; private float input_y; private bool isWalking; // Use this for initialization void Start () { } // Update is called once per frame void Update() { if (!myPV.isMine) return; input_x = Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal"); input_y = Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical"); isWalking = (Mathf.Abs(input_x) + Mathf.Abs(input_y)) > 0; anim.SetBool("isWalking", isWalking); if (isWalking) { anim.SetFloat("x", input_x); anim.SetFloat("y", input_y); transform.position += new Vector3(input_x, input_y, 0).normalized * Time.deltaTime; } } } Here's image of my animator and my blends trees: http://prnt.sc/ayqbsn http://prnt.sc/ayqcvv http://prnt.sc/ayqd18
  13. MRPG Kit - Multiplayer RPG Kit

    the idea is to bring the basic mechanics for RPG games so I will work on an inventory and items too
  14. MRPG Kit - Multiplayer RPG Kit

    thanks guys, I'm working hard on this project.
  15. MRPG Kit - Multiplayer RPG Kit

    Not even thought to produce a demo but maybe post something. @Johannes, thanks man!