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    Hello world!

    I am Monish H. Vyas, founder of a small indie game studio MAD Entertainment. A gamer turned game designer and publisher with the passion for playing and making games.

    Having worked in Unity for more than a year, I now focus onto developing and publishing for Android and ios using Unity.

    You can always check my work on my website:

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  1. I have used some colliders and physics stuff along with transform properties. Still I am testing the stuff, I will post the results here when I get the desired result. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hello AU, I am developing a game where I have a penguin that flies up and down the slopes. I want the penguin to move at a decent speed according to the slants of the slope. when it reaches at the peak it falls down and should stay sticked to the ground. while it is flying the player can tap the screen to bring the penguin down. When the penguin is brought down with the slope and the player leaves the tap, the penguin gets a boost. Please see the image below. The flight of the penguin is relevant to the speed at exactness of the tap. I have not much idea with unity's physics so please help me with this one.
  3. Thank you.
  4. MAD Entertainment brings a colorful treat for you with our new game Color Catch. Color catch is a simple one touch game where all you have to do is to tap left or right to move the tubes at the bottom to collect the raining dots into the right tube. Sounds easy? Have a shot and find out. Score as much as you can before you hit the wrong one. Try to beat your own score or challenge your friends. Got a good score? Go on brag about it by sharing your score from the game's sharing functionality. Tell us what you think about the game by leaving a rating and feedback so that we can further improve the game. Checkout Color Catch and please provide your feedback to make the game better. Happy Gaming..!! MAD Entertainment
  5. Greetings to all, I am Monish H. Vyas, founder of a small game dev company called MAD Entertainment. (India) I am working on Unity from a year and have developed and published different projects on Android, ios, and web. I started developing for web and published games on newgrounds and kongregate and then I developed few games on android and ios. Now I develop game templates and sell them on andand I have also worked as a freelancer on various projects. My work portfolio includes games for android, ios, web in both 2D and 3D. I have worked in various genres like infinte runner, casual, race game, platformer. I also provide testing and feedback services for games, game templates, game assets and online courses about Unity. Following links will lead you to my works on various websites. SellmyApp Links: RGB: Grid: Chupamobile links: RGB: Grid: Unity Asset Store: Free Neon Shapes:!/content/61454 more assets on the way. Released games on Play Store: Revenge of Ninja: Tooffers: You can follow MAD Entertainment's all the activities on Facebook or Twitter or on our website Drop your feedback, suggestions even criticism on our email address along with your introduction and please tell us from where you heard about us: We would love to hear from you. Happy Gaming..!! MAD Entertainment
  6. Download free Neon shapes for your games from Asset Store.!/content/61454 Cool neon graphics right from our game RGB: Please give your valuable feedback and visit for more cool stuff. Haapy Gaming..!! MAD Entertainment