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  1. Thanks looks like i notice your later posts about you solving it
  2. Hi Animating an object is really easy Lets walk through the procees shall we First Remove Everything execpt The Transform Component (the one with position ,rotation .etc) Second Add these two lines in your script anywhere outside a function @RequireComponent(AudioSource); @RequireComponent(Animation); Third Add the script to the object.Now you should see the animation and AudioSource Component With it Fourth Now select the rollout called size and then type size as 1 then assign the fire animation to the empty rollout created Now assign the animation to script Note:The Animation You just added should contain all the bone data that is the animation should be added to the model that has been animated in 3d app or in unity itself if try to add animation from other model it wont work
  3. Yeah i couldn't think of anything else , Ha ha ,yes may be Hmm what does that mean(is it sarcasm i see ) very well no harm done Hello Darkrai531 Its really good models you got there could use a bit tweaking though . Can you create textures for the models (models created by me) as i said before i suck when it comes to texturing I will contact you via PM shortly So what do you guys think should i add any features to the AI or the game(i will upload it shortly) Thanks
  4. Hi, I am currently working on a project called Duty of Honor planning to rename it to Unicry Which of them is better Its and adventure FPS game (impressed by Farcry and COD MW) featuring Features Plannig to Add advanced AI ( still working on it) Dynamic Reflection (Completed ), Weapon recoil, ( working for now ) Parkour System (Not started ), Enemy Take Down System (Plannig to Add), These are Features i am planning to add for AI -> Idle -Talk with a friend (Done) -Do reapairing or any other jobs(Fishing,Lumbering) - if near a vehicle climb it and take it for ride() - Patrol (Done) ->Suspecious (if hears some strange noise may be gunfire) -Go and investigate -Found player then attack (Done) - Found a dead body then notify others and search - If not found anything then speak a covering sentence(eg "may be a squirell ,Hm") -> Alert - If enemy is Aggressive then move close to player by hiding(move from one hide pos to another - if enemy is not so aggresive then he shall flank from one and move from cover to cover around the player (Done) - if enemy is near an Mounted Weapon or a car then use it - if Team Leader avaliabe then follow his commands to kill player and his freinds SHOULD I ADD GENETIC ALGORITHM Do you guys think its worth to add programming and time. ( ) Here most of the Behavior uses Node based Tatical Pathfinding (Done) to move through the safest path when searching or to fire at player Here is a demo of the tool developed for this purpose The Node Based Tatical Path Finding uses Dijkstras algorithm (Ingenious of him). -- >Added Efficient Damage System. -->Now working on a bit complex visibility system So what do you guys think do you think should i add or remove something please do help me in this And i am going to release a pre alpha test in a while(may be 3 months from now as I have exams coming up after which i shall continue and i suck when it comes to texturing and skinnig literally take upto 4 hours) But i do have a really old Standalone build(built about 3 -4 months ago ) the project has not been touched until now (Exams and tests,working on models) If you guys like i will upload it please do give any feedback you like,any corrections, Sorry If i talk too much (I.ll remeber to talk rell;y less next time) Here http://youtu.be/HLkwnNtrXrA is an video of my old scene it hasnt been touched in while so it has a few bugs THANK YOU.
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