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  1. multicody10


    Just 4 u bby
  2. multicody10


    You like? It's not free. Selling it for around $500. I already have a couple buyers :^]
  3. multicody10

    Internet Price

    United states - Parkersburg Suddenlink 15 Mbps down / 1.5 Mbps up $35/m
  4. multicody10

    Shooting in space?

    What he said. Now, Newtons third law of motion. Firing the bullet in space would apply force to you, no doubt, BUT even in zero gravity the mass of an object is still in play; meaning that even in space, a little force of a bullet firing wouldn't be enough to make you go as fast at the bullet. I don't know for SURE how much it would apply to you, but as a guess, I'd say 1/4ths the force of the bullet, maybe.
  5. multicody10

    Any good freelance sites?

    You could try http://www.fiverr.com/
  6. multicody10

    No Man's Sky

    Yeah, I think they took the necessary step, and took money from Sony; in return for a timed exclusive.
  7. multicody10

    No Man's Sky

    Planets trailer General trailer E3 trailer E3 interview, it answered most of my questions, so it might yours Website ABOUT Please watch all trailers,read the about, then say what you think.
  8. multicody10

    universal car nitro system (demo)

  9. multicody10

    Sinestatic Operating System in Visual Basic :D

    The emoticon to the left of the power button, on the top right. It looks more like a sad face than a sleepy face. Maybe do something like this? Also, there are two power buttons?
  10. multicody10

    Sinestatic Operating System in Visual Basic :D

    Yeah, I agree
  11. multicody10

    Speed Test

    Yeah, my mistake. I had it set to measure in megabytes but the picture shows in megabits.
  12. multicody10

    Speed Test

    Speed measurement in Megabytes, not megabits
  13. multicody10

    Greetings from Brazil

  14. multicody10

    How to detect collision between two objects C #

    Try using OnCollisionEnter
  15. multicody10

    Section Question

    Yeah man. You can post unfinished work in show case. You can mainly post anything relating to your work, as long as you have something done.