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  1. jackcrosa

    Enemy Ai

    I have a model with a couple of animations , how can i make an enemy ai out of this , thank you
  2. jackcrosa

    Multiplayer kit

    Hello everybody , I made a setup between two pc's both has hamatchi installed and I connected both of them together . When I play the game and I make a game , It works but when i go to my other pc there is no server in the server list .. Can somebody explain exactly how to connect two computeRs using the multiplayer kit ( Hamatchi if possible) Thanks alot <3
  3. If a player hits a trigger and then dies his position is changed to the trigger spot , a script would be great (js) thanks alot <3
  4. jackcrosa

    Code error

    Thanks alot bro , you are the best <3
  5. jackcrosa

    Code error

    Ahh Another error unknown identifier 'currentScore' thanks alot <3
  6. jackcrosa

    Code error

    var scoreForNextLevel = 50; if(currentScore >= scoreForNextLevel)} application.LoadLevel(level); // level would be the name of the level you wanted to load } Error : Expecting EOF , found '}' still dosent work , can you tell me the full code please , thanks alot
  7. Okay , I am a total noob When I open both of my pc's , then I creat a server . Now on the second pc when i press connect as client nothing happens , do i need any other programs or change the port or smth help
  8. jackcrosa

    Code error

    // look in scoremanager in the fps kit for the variable that hold the score. var scoreForNextLevel = 1360; if(currentScore >= scoreForNextLevel)} Application.LoadLevel(level); // level would be the name of the level you wanted to load { (error code ) : (7,1): Unexpected token: }. Whats the problem , its written in js .\ Thanks
  9. The old pausemenu script is no longer working , when I upgraded from 3.5 to 4 it stopped working is there a solution? ( I dont want the new pause menu included in the new fps kit) Is there a way to just fix that script , thanks
  10. oh that works , but still facing a problem with zombie2 prefab , when I play the game he dosent atack me , because in the inspector no target is assaigned when i go to the project and search for player prefab and add the target , it dosent work help
  11. Hello , as the topic says , I cant find a way to spawn zombies (only fps kit 4.0). When I add the enemyspawner prefab no zombies spawn , also when i try to add a zombie2 prefab it dosent attack the player because it dosent have a target when I put the player prefab in the target , the zombies moves but dosent atack the player ... this is weird . Is it just fps kit 4.0 or just me ? thank yoouuu <3
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