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  1. Don't want to be rude but you are a kid and i bet you will never find someone for this "game", i suggest you to start with learning how to make a basic 2D game and then worry about 3D games. You can't make triple A game its impossible without coding skills and good modelers, etc, that's why triple A studios pay a lot of money for it.
  2. Here is my latest model i made, i just want to hear your feedback. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/34nrY
  3. Wow very nice work, i like that lowpoly style in your game. If you need any help with modeling i can help you! Here is my portfolio https://andrijaalp.artstation.com/ Whoever i have never done lowpoly art but i can try
  4. Looks very nice but why don't you use PBR Textures? it will look more realistic.
  5. Hi andrijaalp. I hope that all is fine for you. I read an answer that you wrote recently to our friend lucian112. Please don't insult him. I know that he doesn't understand anything and always his questions are always really annoying, but this is not a reason to insult him. Please don't be offended by my message. As moderator, I have to avoid some dificulties between us. You are a good boy. Have a nice day. Bye ++

    1. andrijaalp


      sry i just said "SHUT UP" i wont insult him. have a nice day +

  6. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/80368 buy this and have a nice day
  7. Here is a Hand Radio model that i made recently, i wanted to share it with you and maybe you will find it helpfull and find a use for it. https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-3ds-model-asset/1127601
  8. Hey i need help from someone who worked as a freelancer or something thats about 3D.(or small indie group) I'm looking for a good site that offers freelancer jobs, if you know any please let me know.
  9. i will message you
  10. Yeah you can send it to me and i will do it.
  11. I make the model in Blender but i used the 3d coat only for uv map, its not bad at all its just if you want clean uv like this you need to make your own with seams and everything but if you want a uv map like this you can use a 3d coat or any other program that makes an automatic uv map.
  12. The easiest way is to automap your model, for example i was using 3d coat for automap my models before. Its easy but not very good if you need a clean texture. Uwmapping is just adding seams and then unwraping your model search on youtube or google so you can have a basic idea how it works.
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