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  1. well sorry I didnt know. no need to get so short. D: Willis
  2. Well aparently zombies stop spawning at level 5 on the FPSKit. Any Idea on how I can change this and increase the zombies spawned at once? Thanks In advance!
  3. The zombies stop spawning at level 5? Thats how it is for me at least, any idea how I could change it without messing up the spawner? because last time I tried I had to redownload the FPS kit. Any Ideas? Thanks In advance! Willis
  4. willis

    MMO Script!

    Thanks! Willis
  5. willis

    MMO Script!

    Hello, I am looking for a script to go along with FPSKitFinal. the script basically runs a giant server that players automatically get on, random question, can the bullets hurt other players? Like for instance you can shoot other players. If you have a prefab for download please notify me ASAP! thanks a ton! Willis
  6. willis

    Buildable Blocks!

    Hello. I am making a voxel game online and I need a prefab where you can place blocks with your cursor by clicking. that's all I really need. The game is made with the networking kit, on the third person level. There is terrain on the level. and at some points it gets really steep so it kind of has to work with the terrain. Thanks Ahead Of Time! xX- Willlis -Xx
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