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  1. Snowdust

    Need a music composer for your game?

    I compose music, try to do it for living. I have many years of experience in Orchestral, EDM, Post Rock, Ambient and other genres. I've not been too active on here for a long while, but you can send me a message on Facebook. Also I'm not very pricey, as making music is what I love. Hope all your games are going great!
  2. There's a lot of freaky stuff out there. Personly, there are two that frightens me... The Need For Normalcy Project (Normal P*** For Normal People) and The Russian Sleep Experiment. What about you guys?
  3. Snowdust

    I sang for a youtuber!

    Oh hello! That's an awesome voice man! I gotta hit you up if I need a vocalist for my upcoming EDM tracks! Damn.
  4. Snowdust

    I messed up

    Cool! Perfect timing for some self-advertisement (just kidding, but it is actually true). Go hit me up; Slinz - on SoundCloud, Spotify or iTunes! And the cat in tank gif is so genius :3
  5. Snowdust

    I messed up

    man we love you too! Wish there was anything I could do. Know this feeling as much as my inner pocket. Damn it hurts. I have some music that I would like to share with you. I gives so many feels. https://soundcloud.com/monstercat/tristam-braken-far-away And I also have some uplifting cat gifs for you, that you can look at while listening!!: http://www.catgifpage.com/cat-in-a-tank & http://www.catgifpage.com/surprised-by-sleep xoxo
  6. Snowdust

    Slender a new nightmare Update 2

    Okay cool. Excited about this
  7. Snowdust

    Trap Remix + Looking for Potential Collaborators?

    Haha no problem! I just wanna help you
  8. Snowdust

    Slender a new nightmare Update 2

    Cool, but. Two things. First: I think it would've been better if you would've come up with your own idea (that is not Slender) because there is 100000 games out there with Slender! And they all suck :/ (imo) Second: I thought the Slender trend was dead
  9. Snowdust

    Trap Remix + Looking for Potential Collaborators?

    The synths are a little too detuned and "big". Also the track itself is pretty compressed, so be careful about that. And this is more big room at the start and goes into trap. I disagree with the others. It has SOO much bass, that it compresses the whole track to go down. remove that 60 hz bass, and get some real 90-120 hz bass (can be easily fixed with an EQ). And soundquality over all isn't that good, but a lot of it might be because of limiter. Now lastly try to work a little more with melody. Out of that, pretty solid remix you got started there!
  10. Snowdust

    Yes, it's me Snowdust. I'm back!

    How would I forget the amazing members of this forum, no wonders :3
  11. Snowdust

    Yes, it's me Snowdust. I'm back!

    Oh no, Majestic! Are you still here? Just kidding x3 Yes! I remember you! You were the one with dubstep, the next Slender and worked wity ImNexuss or something
  12. Snowdust

    This is crazy - this is unreal.

    That looks ok-ay. Could've been better. (jk)
  13. Snowdust

    Team Deathmatch

    I don't understand. This is not a regular Team Deathmatch, or is it me being not-clever (to put it in a nice way)?
  14. Snowdust

    Yes, it's me Snowdust. I'm back!

    bah, thanks xD @all Oh my god, you are all amazing, thanks!
  15. Snowdust

    Yes, it's me Snowdust. I'm back!

    Hey you joined the forum on my birthday. That's weird.