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  1. Thank you for reading. The game I am discussing has already been in development for a year and a half. It is a unique offering, and I will have industry connections to position the game for a publishing deal. Next, I will discuss the game and why I am looking for a designer this late in the game. The game is a 3d fps set in an alternate timeline in late 80s chicago. Complete civil unrest and chaos in the streets. The experience is a 4 person coop vs cpu, which includes civs with multiple behaviors, various police and special units, and then also enemy units to do with the plot line. The 4 characters are 80s themed and the soundtrack and feel is geared towards a retrowave/dystopic city in the 80s. Unique features of the game (already developed): * Randomly generated cities using static base maps *Randomly generated missions, rng looting system, highly interactive assets including buildings and lootable containers like desks, safes, etc., *4 character classes with build screens and customization. *Handrolled AI that is very efficient, not using a* or navmesh. I can handle 3 times the models on screen, if not more. *dynamic spawn point generation, dynamic loot generation. There will be a number of base maps offering a completely randomized experience every playthrough. Updates to the game will be asset creation to add to the rng engine. The storyline part of the game will feature static maps. I was working with an artist that contributed to a AAA game, but thats not what im looking for. The game's value comes from the gameplay and characters. I'm not trying to compete with AAA graphics, consider it more a stylized approach. I'm seeking 1 individual who can model, texture and animate at least at a quality indie level. Once the game is in full alpha it will be promoted by my contacts for a publishing deal. I will need help doing the 4 character models, a few special police units, and some city assets. This will be a profit share opportunity for the right person, and I'd be happy to do up a contract if we work well together. If you are as serious as I am and would like to jump on board please either pm me or respond via thread. I will be happy to answer any questions here, and will update with screenshots shortly.
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