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  1. Ok, I solved it. I had to deeply copy Item class so I serialized it to JSON and deserialize it, should be efficent enough for just picking items
  2. Hey guys, I have a little problem with missing script. I have a pick up script and I want to delete instances of picked up GameObject on all clients, but when I do that my Item class is missing in object even tho I created new instance of Item :/ [...] Item _TempItem; public void AddToInv(Item item, GameObject go) { bool isSlotAvailable; int slotNumber; _TempItem = item; FindFreeSlot(out isSlotAvailable, out slotNumber); if (!isSlotAvailable) return; FillSlot(_TempItem, slotNumber); NetworkServer.Destroy(go); } [...] I'm probably missing something stupid and simple to solve :V Thanks for all help
  3. Have you tried to build GI without auto? And without directional lightmap
  4. So basically to repair that I just need to put pmpw = EditorWindow.GetWindow<ProMousePlacementWindow>(); to Awake function...
  5. Okay... Localized where's problem. When I claim this I can move my camera... :/ public ProMousePlacementWindow pmpw; public void OnSceneGUI() { pmpw = EditorWindow.GetWindow<ProMousePlacementWindow>(); // This line is a problem but I have to get access to this window or access from window to script but don't know how ... other stuff }
  6. Are you guys are dumb or what? It's almost 1,5 year thread... AND WHEN YOU CLICK ON THIS LINK THERE'S WRITTEN THAT AUTHORS HAS CLOSED THIS SITE. And example of stupidity is MadRats which just created account for this mindless purpose... Someone should close this thread. //EDIT Opss.. But even it was bumped at thursday.. someone should close this
  7. Let me record a short video of this issue
  8. Hi guys, I've made script for custom object painting and of course I had to create empty script just with class and monobehaviour to be able to paint. But when I choose in hierarchy object that has this script I can't use camera :/ It can't move in any direction, can rotate, but can't move forward, up, down etc. But when I click on object that doesnt have this script (or just air) everything is okay. Any solutions? P.S Is it possible to make custom objects painting window without needing object with that empty script? Because if I choose object that has that script I'm able to paint on another ones that doesnt have that script... Thanks for all help!
  9. Thank you some much dude! Not it works great and even take less space Love you <3 xD And actually the biggest problem was activeInHierarchy, when I set it as activeSelf everything started working great, one more thanks!
  10. Ok sorry let me try this, I was typing it before your answer
  11. But how will script know now that if name0 or another are activated and don't touch and set name1 as true?
  12. Stick pick up item and stick in inventory are completely another objects so I think it doesn't affect on it. But even that was true, script should check at first if name0 is activated
  13. Acctualy - sticksMan.sticks.Length - doesn't affect anything, can replace it with 4. I meant that if object is active(first condition) then i++ and try to find next object. I'm doing 3D inventory and that what's I'm trying to do is to add item(called as 'name' here) and if first one is set as actived, what is name0, then loop is trying to asign it to the next one what is name1, name2, name3 etc. Loop has to break when item is added, am I right? And that's what I wanted to do. Now I think that's little messy but with good intentions, maybe will look at some tutorial of doing 2D inventory to see how their system work or will get help
  14. Hey guys, I think my problem is very easy but I'm dumb. I need to make pick up script but now when I try to pick up something only name0 is getting activaved. With first item to pick up it's OK but when I'm picking up another, name0 is getting activated, no others. If I delete break, then all are getting activated at once :/ Maybe I'm going in wrong direction, should think about another solution for this? for (int i = 0; i < sticksMan.sticks.Length; i++) { GameObject foundStick = sticksMan.transform.FindChild(name + i).gameObject; if (foundStick.activeInHierarchy == true) { //??? } else if (foundStick.activeInHierarchy == false) { foundStick.SetActive(true); Destroy(gameObject); foundStick = sticksMan.transform.FindChild(name + i).gameObject; } break; } Hope you guys help!
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