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  1. i solved it, the problem was my texture. ive done this already in another project, but i did not had to use different starting/ end points. well, this post can be deleted
  2. i need a flashlight as a cone for a mobile game, so i came up with the line renderer, cool stuff! but why the hell do i get this outcome?? start at 2.5, end with 25~..
  3. looks good, but 50 fps seems a bit low, mh?
  4. sub

    German Luger.

    dont you want to reply something, joker?
  5. sub

    Railway Tanker

    looks good, but as said, more rust/ dirt is necessary (imho) http://www.textures.com/browse/rust-spots/57937
  6. you cannot even jump
  7. 'ello mike. slow progress is progress.
  8. sub

    bloody guillotine

    i figured out the blade looks sharper when i change the lightning. should be also possible with an changed texture, that has to be in the next update, thank you! thanks for the comments so far, sounds are from http://www.freesound.org/
  9. sub

    High Poly modeling

    looking good, do you texture it as well?
  10. sub

    bloody guillotine

    hey there, i just want to show the bloody guillotine that i modeled and animated for a mobile game in blender. 1963 verts, 1480 tris 2x 1024px png (guillotine and the blade seperated, cause i used mirroring) today i would minimize the verts/tris and only use one texture, but this is some of my first stuff done, so it is okay for me. if you want to see it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC1aljBrtWM
  11. all 3 are cool and for me quite real. but on the second picture, the spaceship on the left looks a little too bright for my eyes, i am not sure. edit:// anyways, great work, i like it!
  12. hi, sub here (german/26), i already released some android games with a mate, my part is the graphical stuff. i found this site today and read some interessting threads, now i am registered.
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