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  1. Thanks DaBoss, However I would prefer to change the weaponsInUse Variable of the player prefab rather than the instantiated player. Is there a way to do that?
  2. Hi Everyone, I am currently developing a class/kit system for my game and need some help. So far I have a GUI button that is set to change the weapons in use of the weapon manager of the player gameobject in scene which works perfectly: //weaponload if(GUI.Button(new Rect(900,30,100,25), "M16")){ WeaponManager.GetComponent.< WeaponManager >().weaponsInUse[0] = M16; } But as this is a multiplayer game the player prefab will be instantiated, so what I am planning on doing is having the GUI button change the weapons in use for the player prefab (not in scene). So a bit of a noobish question, How do I change the variable of a prefab (not in scene) from another script? Note: I am using the FPS kit. Thanks Zacstar
  3. Thanks for sharing but is this Legit because I mean why would skype just give this away for nothing?
  4. Also Map Selections and Game modes. Good Luck!
  5. Nice model, but just a warning if the name of your game is 'I Am Alive' That's already a survival game by Ubisoft so you might need to pick another name.
  6. Zacstar11


    Well since Europe seems like a disaster zone, Here in Australia it's just blue skies and Sunny days.
  7. Thanks YoungDeveloper it's working now, I'm so stupid, now that I've got this working I might improve some things & release it as an example project to the community.
  8. Oh sorry, I believe weaponsInUse is an array
  9. @YoungDeveloper. I did think of that but everything I've tried just hasn't worked. @DaBossTMR. I'm not using the script Weapon Manager but the gameobject thats child of the player called Weapon Manager
  10. Hi guys So I recently been tweaking this script http://armedunity.com/topic/5288-gun-attachments-system/ to work with the weapon manager of the fps kit.I figured if I got the script to set the variable of weaponsInUse of the weapon manager to the selected gameobject it would work with the weapon manager So to do that I replaced this: if(Weapon == "C"){ VAL.Active = true; } With this: if(Weapon == "C"){ WeaponManager.GetComponent.< WeaponManager >().weaponsInUse = ShotGun; however I'm getting the following error code: Assets/Scripts/Decodificator.js(54,63): BCE0022: Cannot convert 'UnityEngine.GameObject' to 'UnityEngine.GameObject[]'. I know it's to do with the array of the weaponsInUse variable but I can't seem to fix it. Any help would appreciated
  11. Also Game modes like team death match, capture the flag etc.
  12. @goldengamez you actually won't be able to use those models, because you would be sharing a paid asset for free.
  13. I did have a problem with the fps kit for fbx animations, I'm not sure what format your animations are but you might have the same problem
  14. I tried the script and it doesnt work. Not sure if it's me or it doesn't work with the fps kit scripts.
  15. Guys I'm with Mars, I've never seen a scoreboard on any of the fps kits. if there is one could you show me?
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