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  1. Hey, It's good to see some support Unfortunately, however, I'm not generating any income from this project, as I cannot afford to pay developers (due to Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules).
  2. I've been doing map design (production) for about 3 years now, and I've had tons of experience with Unity (obviously ), and I've also had experience in UDK/UE3, UE4, Cryengine 3.x, and Cryengine V. I'll be releasing a level demo once I get enough done, will be posting here.
  3. INTRODUCTION - So after messing around with Unity a bit, I decided to pick up my old Halo project that I previously abandoned. I honestly wasn't prepared to take on a full game yet and it became overwhelming, especially with nobody other than I really knowing what the focus of the game would be. So let me re-introduce you, to Project Initiative. Project Initiative is a free-to-play, arena style shooter based in the Halo universe. My goal is to make the gameplay as true to the franchise as possible, though still allowing room for creativity and innovation. I currently have four main game modes planned to be incorporated at release: Anvil, Firefight, War Games, and Training (More may come as development progresses). The main focus of the game is the Anvil Editor (like forge in Halo), and War Games as this is a multiplayer focused game. Firefight will do a small ammount of story-telling, although this is the least of my concerns. Training will be a large room giving the player unrestricted access to all weapons, vehicles, enemies, etc. in the game. There will be no campaign and there are currently no plans to give it one. I myself cannot do this alone, so I am actively searching for developers. Please refer to the "Join the team" section for details. STORY - The year is 2562, you are a Spartan V set aboard the UNSC Anvil Station, testing experimental technology and actively participating in War Games alongside the Sangheili. On Anvil Station, you have access to many experimental features not yet available to other soldiers, such as the Anvil Editor, unrestricted access to experimental armour, new weapons testing, new and realistic AI combat situations, as well as the ability to enlist in service to protect Human colonies from the remaining Covenant forces. JOIN THE TEAM - So as stated, I cannot do this on my own. I am in need of developers willing to dedicate at least 4/5 hours per week, and can contribute to the team. I myself do UI/HUD templates (designing the layout, not formalizing), Map design/production, and public relations. Right now, this is an idea I wish to bring to the community, and progress so far is little over none. Although, if you are interested please email me at: crux.cyanide@gmail.com (below are some specific jobs needing to be filled) -3d Modeling -Sound Effect Production -Texturing -Networking -Scripting (email for more specifics) -Voice Acting -Subreddit/forum moderation -Whatever else you wish to contribute Thanks for reading, and I hope to work with some of you soon.
  4. Development started a few days ago, and we don't yet have enough progress to show off (therefore, our need for more devs ) but once we have enough progress to demo, expect greatness
  5. Just cause you don't like the idea doesn't mean you should try and shoot everyone's down
  6. It's not an official project, fan-made. And therefore as long as we follow their content usage rules we'll be okay
  7. Hey I'm back. (This is a new post, feel free to ignore [and to moderators] delete the previous topics as they are now inactive) So as previously stated in another post, this is about our indie Halo game (Originally called Project Anvil) and since then we have adopted the new name "Project Initiative". All the previously mentioned features are still planned to be incorporated. Project Initiative will be featuring the main four game-modes: -Wargames -Anvil -Firefight -Training Although, we are currently only a team of 3 and in need of more developers, anyone who is fluent in Unity, and feels like they can contribute something to our team can email us at: tymelapse.studios@gmail.com We currently need: -Programmers(Js, C# [Networking, Player, etc.]) -3d Modelers -UI Design/Formalizing -Concept Artists -Something else useful to contribute I hope to work with some of you soon (Oh, and don't worry about our issue with I01 devs, that issue is resolved )
  8. I'm guessing you're the one that took it down? Calling that a "fun fact" I lost everything on there today...
  9. Oh, and Project Anvil is my PROJECT based on ANVIL station -____- It's supposed to take place on Anvil Station like Halo Online, my attempt at a nod, and link to the Halo universe.
  10. @ AssaultCommand Hey, NEVER used your Anvil Online logo, I had it as my profile picture because I support Anvil Online, and think it's awesome... And as stated multiple times already, concept art (not mine) is a placeholder until we can upload our own. And about the contingency thing I was being a dick to the developers... that situation is cleared up and I don't want another one. I'm not trying to upset anybody. And creative ideas? You think I don't have any? I 'm creating a new game with new ideas and trying to make the best game I can. I'm implementing new game-modes and features like a new and very different forge, training grounds, and a new almost open world environment... (and about your avatar, I didn't even know... I found it on google images and just thought it was cool) I'm sorry if you took offense for something innocent...
  11. While I'm not a part of I01, it WILL see the light of day, they have a very effective team and they have tons of progress already... Microsoft has no reason whatsoever to C&D them as long as they follow the content usage rules. Microsoft is in fact aware of multiple Indie Halo games and has no plans to C&D any of them (Project Contingency, Installation 01, Glassed, etc.)
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