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  1. 2D Platformer SandBox

    Anyone interested in messing around with a 2D platformer? (Making not Playing) I've been kind of bored lately and started a little project similar to Pixel Survival 2. As of now its mostly on paper and in my head besides a few things like the main core engine which is a tough choice between Corgi and Platformer Pro. (Dont hate on the choices lol) The main idea is to make a RPG kind of 2D platformer with ideas from games like Zelda, God of War, and Pixel Survival. Thinking a long story line gameplay with going feral as a theme Not quite planning on making any money off this project but i am determined to finish what ive started so my brain can move on. Pretty much just wondering if anyone thats also bored or has free time would wanna join in on the fun doesnt matter what skills you may offer 2D art & animations, audio, coding just having another person to talk game design with is good when your surrounded by "normal people" Feel free to hit me up -Note- This is NOT any form of a job/request/showcase/offer or anything else lol Im just that guy in a circle passing the peace pipe outside the circle.
  2. Testers needed

    im not gonna open my email to notify you that im free to be a tester for ya but i will say it here then you can either pm me on here or reply to your own topic
  3. 25$ to share a game on Google Store

    i just double checked the pricing and that $25 is just a registration fee for your dev account, once you get it done there wont be another charge like that. add some ads in your game before release date and you can easily make the money back. so if your going into mobile game design it would be worth it but id suggest making atleast 2 or 3 games for your account otherwise it might not be worth your time to bother with it.
  4. 25$ to share a game on Google Store

    just upload your apk to a website and the promote it everywhere that way lol. people will still get it if they can find it and most real gamers know how to set their phone up for non store apps. but i dont recall google being so high for the free apps. no surprise either with how money hungry the whole world is, every one wants to be a jew now n days lol
  5. Alien Weapon

    since when does sifi guns take clips lol, maybe a battery or a simple rechage timeout but ive never seen any magazines in the games ive played i like it maha, kind of looks like the flag/club im trying to make for my CTF gamemode
  6. Railway Tanker

    lol maha i wasnt saying that as a suggestion, just that it looks really realistic. im sure with the right lighting and shader you could make it look 100% legit without having to add any of the stuff i said
  7. i got a local artist that can make you custom music if ya need some. prefered genre is hip-hop but works with all kinds

  8. Need Help With Arms And Character Model

    well we would all love to see that youtube video lmao. as for fixing your arms and model thats easy, just take your new models and add them to the folder containing the model in game then copy the name of the old ones and delete them then rename the new ones to the old model names just make sure you clear your trash bin before starting unity again or it will give you a few errors
  9. Need Help With Arms And Character Model

    if your gonna torrent download a paid asset you should probably make sure it isnt a paid asset before you post about it lmao,
  10. Hello

    welcome to the club
  11. How do you import this to unity

    if its not a Unity package file (.unitypackage) then it would be a folder with all the files inside it. a unity package you just click and it starts your unity up to import. otherwise the folder style is easy too sir. just drag and drop it into the projects folder on your computer. that would be like C:\Users\Public\Documents\Unity Projects after adding the folder manually you just open unity then hit Open and find the folder. also if your using windows then the MacOS folder that is sometimes in the folder is usually not needed but shouldnt be thrown away untill you open the project in unity and dont see errors with it missing.
  12. The Weak Fps Project

    well i feel dumb for watching that haha glad i could help jumpstart your fame on youtube sir
  13. AU FPS Kit [unity 5]

    no it does not, instead it features a nice shooting range with targets
  14. we use dis for game? i mak not guugle