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  1. Hello i maked some scripts for my multiplayer game but i have a problem in second screen .. WHY the second screen does not appear the SPAWN button but in the first (who created the game) appear ?? ... please help me !
  2. Drag and Drop the .fbx model.. can you show me a tutorial how to import them correctly?
  3. Model was downloaded from armedunity.. 3d models
  4. Already maked that but.. the hands is in sides white .. like in picture .. HELP?
  5. Hello , i have a problem with models .. i downloaded a weapon (more) but i can't use texture.. in some sides the weapon is white (non colored) and in other black when i put texture.. And the most important HOW I ADD THE WEAPONS MODELS AND HANDS ? (M37 weapon) Thanks.. if someone can show me a tutorial..
  6. I have FPS KIT V1.2 and FPS TUTOIAL COMPLETED... i maked map but i don't know that.. what is and ... Now , i maked with a kit textures etc.. but i don't know how i can have the map in another project with another textures. E.g : I have project x with some textures and i maked a map , but the project y have more textures what i want but if transfer the map the trees who is in the x project isn't in y project map transfered. Can anyone give me a pack with all textures to make a cool map and weapons etc..
  7. Where i must to have this "DrawRockets"?
  8. Assets/WeaponScripts/FPSPlayer.js(5,17): BCE0018: The name 'DrawRockets' does not denote a valid type ('not found').
  9. As i said , i don't know so much english ... and he talks to fast.. Anyway thank you. And when i add a script like CharacterDamage it's say... Can't add script Can't add script behaviour CharcaterDamage. You need to fix all compile errors in all scripts fist. ...someone help me with this scripts..
  10. I will try but the most important thing that's are how i add the sprint , the zoom , how to targets kill , health sistem etc.. ? Thank you for response.
  11. Yes is hard , but not impossible Uhm , well here is my map... but now.. i don't know how i make to sprint , health sistem , bullets sistem , to drive etc...
  12. I will watch , i want a map special textured (i'm very low to make a cool textured map..) and some guns ... I downloaded FPS KIT but ... i can't move the charcter and i don't see the guns.. EDIT : I don't know where i start with this tutorials.. are hard... Thanks for response.
  13. Mos Craciun


    Hello , i'm new here and in the unity 3d . I need help with a game i want to make a fps game but... i watched tutrials nothing.. just i can't make a gun shooting or to make a character.. or to make a good terrain .. Please who can help me.. with explained tuts. or something like that.. I want to make a simple game with a simple story in single player. (I am from Romania sorry for bad english!)
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