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  1. Tips please and help script

    Thanks Dude!
  2. Tips please and help script

    Hi guys. I am on the start of careear of game developing. I'm 16 yold and i "work" in unity from 9 mounths. have some tips or tutorials to be easy to learc c# or java in 2-3 months basic? And one more questin. How i add sound on my shoot when fire1 shoot with click and magazine with reload animation. I am n00b. Thanks i think (bad english=i am from ROmania) Script: using UnityEngine; public class gun : MonoBehaviour { public float damage = 10f; public float range = 100f; public float fireRate = 15f; public float impactForce= 30f; public Camera fpsCam; public ParticleSystem muzzleFlash; public GameObject impactEffect; public AudioSource sound; private float nextTimeToFire = 0f; // Update is called once per frame void Update () { if (Input.GetButton ("Fire1") && Time.time>=nextTimeToFire) { nextTimeToFire = Time.time +1f/fireRate; Shoot (); } } void Shoot () { muzzleFlash.Play(); RaycastHit hit; if (Physics.Raycast(fpsCam.transform.position, fpsCam.transform.forward, out hit, range)) { Debug.Log(hit.transform.name); Target target = hit.transform.GetComponent<Target>(); if (target != null) { target.TakeDamege(damage); } if (hit.rigidbody != null) { hit.rigidbody.AddForce (-hit.normal * impactForce); } GameObject impactGO = Instantiate (impactEffect, hit.point, Quaternion.LookRotation (hit.normal)); Destroy (impactGO, 2f); } } }
  3. one more ask: How can make damage to other players or ai?
  4. but a tutorial?
  5. And one more ask: You have a script for multiplayer for die and respawn? like 2 teams
  6. how the fuck can put animations? and in raycast how to make to shot,wher put the point for bullets to go?
  7. Scripting help

    you're right
  8. Scripting help

    I work on clone of rust leagacy,not selling clon,because game is dead
  9. Scripting help

  10. Scripting help

    Hello,i now,is stupid but,i sharce a good scripter for making for me a one or 2 scripts. If is need i pay 5$,but i think is contain how good is the scripter. The subject for the scripting is to make a inventory and build system with parts form inventory+crate menu crafting. Thanks,and again,i know,is a stupid qestion
  11. Build system like Rust

    Hello guys,i made build system like rust but is not working. Here is download link for my project,and i don;t know what is wrong https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvguwhe4qnzdd0y/TestUnitScr.rar?dl=0 System is made by this tutorial The problem is the cycle menu is not showing
  12. Hello guys,i have one question! How it made in rust leagacy airdrop system? It is exist a tutorial on the internet?
  13. Player teleport when colision!

    Hello guys! I have a question. Can i make a player to teleport on specify cords like x,y,z?I have a script when player fall,to teleport on cords,but i want now to teleport back when is colision like with a bullet. Here is my script using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class respawn : MonoBehaviour { public float threshold; void FixedUpdate() { if (transform.position.y < threshold) transform.position = new Vector3(9, 180, 10); } } Thanks! Srry for bad languege or explain
  14. Multiplayer die and respawn

    Hello guys. I have a question. Is existed a script(or tutorial) on internet when player die on multiplayer like when colision with bullet to respawn on checkpoint?
  15. Network layers/cam help!

    Hello guys. I need help. Can anyoane to help me with script or other to make on my multiplayer game to hide a camera. like in fps cam for player who control his charachter to show his gun in fps just for others -players to not showing his view in his hand,like fps arms. Thanks