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  1. Thanks for explaining it to me, I have tried using hte Wheel Colliders, but the problem is that the plane does not use Rigidbodies and its quite glitchy to just add force downards, I might just leave out the landing for a while and comeback to it when I come up with an idea. Thanks again.
  2. Hey, I am using a physicsless plane controller and I am trying to make it land on the Terrain. I have 3 contact points (the landing gear) and I want to make them stick to the terrain when there is a force pushing the plane down. I just want to know how can I make those 3 contact points no go through the ground, and keep the plane object stationed on the Terrain.
  3. Add force to Rigidbody on a local axis?

    Well the line of code that I am using is this for the actual forward movement- Fuselage.GetComponent(Rigidbody).AddForce(transform.forward * Thrust); This does't work that well....I have also experimented with making the object accelarate in the direction of the velocity, but that makes it worse. The effect I am trying to make is that its constant speed at any angle as if it was a basic transform.translate. But I also need to use rigibbody physics because I am planning to make the plane land.
  4. Hey there, so I came across another issue whilst making a flying game. What I am trying to do is to make the plane Rigidbody keep its velocity at any angle, so it is always flying at a constant speed in its direction. What I have is completely different, the plane accelarates in the correct direction but when I turn the plane the velocity is not taking me where the plane is facing and instead is going in the direction it first accelarated in. I looked online trying to find a solution to it but have found nothing of use. I was just wondering is it possible to add force to Rigidbody on a local axis, if not- is there any other way I can achieve similar effect?
  5. Need help with Tactical Shooter AI.

    Maybe... depends what reason
  6. Need help with Tactical Shooter AI.

    I haven't because I like to make my own things, that way I an not limited by other people's work
  7. Need help with Tactical Shooter AI.

    Hey there, regarding the damage aspect; you can take a look at this. https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Component.SendMessageUpwards.html I use the same method to make my shooter game, you just have to tweak some variables and change some things and you should be good to go.
  8. Rigidbody AddForce to make ParentObject rotate

    Oh wow, that sounds really useful, thank you very much btw you are correct, its called a flap
  9. Rigidbody AddForce to make ParentObject rotate

    At the moment its not a single mesh because I wanted to make a basic flight script then make models for the game, I might try the method you have suggested thank you. I was experimenting in unity and came across fixed hinges, I have set the hinges on the seperate parts, and added the force seperately- so wings create 2 units of lift and elevator creates 1 unit of lift which makes the aircraft pitch up slightly...
  10. Hey every one, I decided to make a small flying game and faced a problem.... Is it possible to add force to one rigidbody inside the parent object to make the parent object rotate? Its sort of like how the real aircraft act under aerodynamical pressure. I hope the terrible image explains what I'm trying to do.... I have tried to parent the objects and add force, and when I press play the objects just drop to the ground, Is there some kind of way to permenantly attach the wings/stabilisers?
  11. [New Project] AK 9mm

    Thanks, well this is the render I got from unity, I still have to work on the speculars a bit...
  12. [New Project] AK 9mm

    A bit of quick research and found this- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vityaz-SN ... thats the gun
  13. [New Project] AK 9mm

    No its not, I don't know its official name but I do know that it is a 9mm variant of a AKS 74u, because of the modified magwell, bolt, and upper receiver
  14. [New Project] AK 9mm

    Thanks, you may be right, but thats the aproximation... I dont use actual measurements but instead I use many reference images
  15. [New Project] AK 9mm

    Here are some early development screen shots from my new model... Decided to model the 9mm AK variant because it looked cute, also thought I might experiment with more PBR, this is just a prototype model, I will be increasing poly and baking normals from that, I will also optimise this model for it to be used in a game.... will see how it goes.