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  1. MuFake

    Access class Array veriables

    Thanks a lot
  2. MuFake

    Access class Array veriables

    Hi, I was wondering how I would have to access my class Array variables... Here is the code- public class myArray { public string myString; public AudioClip myAudio; public Transform myPrefab; } public myArray[] array; I just have no clue how to actually access those variables from each individual Array... Thanks in advance
  3. MuFake

    Grenade Pack [PBR]

    Version 1.0.0


    Hey, here are some grenades I made for other projects. Decided to share some with the community... hope you guys like them 3 Grenades // 2048x2048 maps // 3 components per grenade // -albedo -normal -specular -ambient occlusion
  4. MuFake

    Grenade Pack for Unity [PBR]

    Hey, here are some grenades I made for other projects. Decided to share some with the community... hope you guys like them 3 Grenades // 2048x2048 maps // 3 components per grenade // -albedo -normal -specular -ambient occlusion
  5. MuFake

    Beretta m9

    Thanks Well if I was to animate it i would need to make arm models, texture them, rig them, and then animate them.. I think it would triple the price, but thanks for feed back
  6. MuFake

    Beretta m9

    My bad... https://skfb.ly/6wQwW
  7. MuFake

    Beretta m9

    You can see the maps on Sketchfab... https://sketchfab.com/models/2a3abc8828344b66a8634a25d675f27b
  8. MuFake

    Beretta m9

    Verts : 5,692 Tris : 5,267 15 texture maps all .tga 1 .fbx of the mesh (Slide/receiver/magazine/hammer/grip) Receiver and slide textures are 2048x2048 pixels Grip/magazine and hammer 512x512 pixels Each part has Albedo,Normal,Metalness/Specular and Ambient Occlusion Total file size (zipped) : 10.5MB Only single model for LOD though...
  9. MuFake

    Beretta m9

    Here is my latest project... The Beretta m9, I personaly love how this gun looks so I decided to re make it and practice a bit more with PBR... In my opinion it looks better than my previous one... Any constructive criticism? https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0wRG4 (Blender Renders) (In Unity) p.s: how much would someone buy this terrible looking model, might try to put it on the asset store...
  10. MuFake

    [Blender] Seams not clearing

    I am trying to remove the seams from these specific vertices but it does not let me remove them and it messes up the unwrap really badly, I tried pretty much everythign that came to mind and nothing seems to be working. I have also tried removing sharps but that did not work either. It only removes seams/sharps if I do it to the whole model, but I cant individually remove them. Any ideas how to go around this ? Thanks in advance
  11. Hey

    dude whatsup? BTW


    1. MuFake


      Hey, nothing much... How you been?

    2. AshwinTheGammer
    3. AshwinTheGammer


      Watching ur work on youtube

  12. MuFake

    Read/Write From .txt file

    Ah great, thanks I will use this as a reference....
  13. MuFake

    Read/Write From .txt file

    Hey, Im trying to achieve a player save / load for my game, and thought that I may use a .txt file to store the information.... What I am trying to achieve is extract information (int variable) from the .txt file... (From .txt) PlayerLevel = 100 into (JavaScript) var PlayerLevel : int; How can Achieve this? Any help will be appreciated
  14. MuFake

    How to Look Behind like in Outlast game ?

    https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Quaternion.Slerp.html This should do the trick...