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    Some notes i took while playing your beta version of the game Those are just suggestions i have.. in the end its your game ! -the start countdown is missing some audio effect.. (i didnt notice it at first and thought i couldnt move :D) -some sounds have a really strong reverb effect (reloading the hellriegel for example) -Weapon models are clipping through other models (Google for "Unity weapon clipping") -the jump gravity is really "spacelike" -i would love to see some Ambient Occlusion -some models are floating or corners are -many environment props are shiny when they should not be (weapon creates for example) (standard shader: smoothness or smth.) -some objects have a weird "glow" to them looking at the stones on the ground with a wall in the background youll see it. -the player can not walk up the stairs model.. maybe add fake collider instead of the generated one -you cant controll your jump at all.. idk. it felt kinda weird maybe because of the space like gravity Other than that i think its a great game! Amazing what one sole developer can achieve.
  2. I checked it in Blender.. The model is fine. I dont really know what happened, maybe the animation on the bear caused it. On the platform.. idk. I just remodeled both because they were my first tries on modeling anyway No problems with my new models as of yet. Thanks anyways!
  3. Sure! On the teddy.. the missing/flipped faces dont even exist in blender
  4. Heyho, im really new to modeling in general and am facing problems with my models.. Any model i export to my unity project has missing Edges(?) not missing faces just the lines. How does that happen ? And how can i fix this? If anyone faced this problem before, i would really appreciate some help.
  5. Okay finally i got it to work in a simple test scene. using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.Networking; public class SpawnTest : NetworkBehaviour { public GameObject prefab; void Start() { if (!isLocalPlayer) { this.gameObject.GetComponent<Camera>().enabled = false; } } void Update() { if (!isLocalPlayer) return; if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.T)) { CmdSpawnTest(); } } [Command] void CmdSpawnTest() { GameObject go = Instantiate(prefab, new Vector3(0,0,10), Quaternion.identity); NetworkServer.Spawn(go); if (!isServer) return; RpcSpawnTest(go); } [ClientRpc] void RpcSpawnTest(GameObject go) { if (isServer) return; Instantiate(go); } } I have no idea exactly why this works but it does. If anyone new to Unet is reading this.. dont forget to register the prefab in the NetworkManager.
  6. Heyho! I really need some help on a very basic task. I cant seem to figure out how to spawn an Object on all Clients + Host. The results on google trying to find some easy tutorial are confusing. Some are saying youd have to use only NetworkServer.Spawn() some are saying youd just have to call a Command and Instantiate a GameObject within that. Nothing seems to work. Could anyone please help me? private void OnTriggerEnter(Collider collision){ if (collision.gameObject.CompareTag("Player")) { if (!collision.gameObject.GetComponentInParent<NetworkIdentity>().isLocalPlayer) return; collision.gameObject.GetComponent<PlayerPickups>().GiveEffect(Random.Range(1, maxEffectId)); CmdSpawnEffect(); // ? if(!dontDestroyOnPickup) NetworkServer.Destroy(this.gameObject); } } [Command] public void CmdSpawnEffect() { GameObject go = Instantiate(pickupEffect, transform.position, Quaternion.identity); NetworkServer.Spawn(go); // ? } The Behaviour i want to achive is that if the Player enters the Trigger on every Client + Host a particle effect should be spawned. (pickupEffect GameObject) Also.. how would i go ahead and delete it after say 2Seconds? Before i could use Destory(go, 2.0f); I would appreciate any hints or answers. Thanks! Arne
  7. Oh.. didnt think of that as an solution. Thank you very much OMA!
  8. Hey! I am having trouble getting the hang of IEnumerators. I want to create an IEnumerator that logs "Test" every 2seconds for 10seconds so in total it should print it 5 times. How would i achieve this? This is the code ive gotten so far but i dont have any ideas anymore .. Would gladly take any hints or an example implementation with explanation please. private IEnumerator Test() { while (this.tempCurrentEffectDuration > 0) { int x = (int)((int)this.tempCurrentEffectDuration % 2); this.tempCurrentEffectDuration -= Time.deltaTime; } }
  9. @AshwinTheGammer you should start with a project much simpler than what you want to do right now... And no i cant help you with Photon
  10. public Camera weaponCamera; ^ this is not actually a GameObject so you cant set the parent of the camera individually. What you would have to do is either 1. Get the GameObject of the Camera and change the parent of that GameObject You can get the GameObject like this: GameObject cameraGO = weaponCamera.transform.gameobject; or 2. Create a copy of the Camera component (not so easy) and add it as a component of some gameobject and change the parent for that gameobject but maybe someone else can help you as im not really good in Unity.
  11. Your requests/questions are kinda rude in a special way Btt: Take a look at this not even 3min long Video
  12. hi plz be online dont go offline!

  13. To fix ammo going into negative amounts youll have to check the ammo before actually shooting so change this if (Input.GetButtonDown ("Fire1")) { StartCoroutine ("Fire"); } to this if (Input.GetButtonDown ("Fire1") && this.ammo > 0) { StartCoroutine ("Fire"); } also youre setting isReloading after actually beginning to reload so change this this wont however fix your reloading bug i think [..rest of the code] StartCoroutine(FinishReload()); isReloading = true; to this [..rest of the code] isReloading = true; StartCoroutine(FinishReload());
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