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  1. Your music is awesome. If you want to help you can contact us Skype:mmgamescontact
  2. Well,it would be nice of you to help us.We are making a pirate game and we already have a great start.We are also experienced with unity.It will be lot of fun,and we already have 3 members,and we are working very hard on completing the game
  3. We are making a pirate game so we need 3D modeler for characters and stuff and someone who can make an instrumental,pirate-styled soundtrack. You can read our topic about the game on : http://armedunity.com/topic/13131-need-crew-for-an-open-world-third-person-pirate-gamesimilar-to-gta/
  4. I tried to add you but skype has no results.How about you add me on mmgamescontact or write on mm games e-mail?
  5. We haven't made games in a while so our previous work isn't as good as we are now.We used to make 2D games a lot. Download links: Baggy Pong:Link https://mega.nz/#!y41mXRbL Key: !DuYxYbhV_16e6aXxgSbqLX231EIF4SxjyXde2tkazvI Azija(We are from Serbia so ths game is in Serbian,it was a school project):Link: https://mega.nz/#!ikUwxajS Key: !_a-vsJTfA2eBdzDxmOKm5TEjS4PrNndRq0kbTqyZVig
  6. For now we have two members(me and my friend).We can work on player controller and world design(we are not so good at coding) so we need a little help. The game will be about pirates and knights.It will be mostly multiplayer based,but it will have a single-player campaign too. The game is supposed to be free for everyone who pays for it.We will try to release it on Steam when we finish it. You can join our team no matter what age you are. Team name is MM Games. We need a good 3D modeler,someone whit basic knowledge of coding,and someone who can make a soundtracks for the game. Contact us on: Skype: MMGamesContact E-Mail: MvRnTutorials@gmail.com
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