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  1. I'm asking for team members and most of the replies are "You don't have skills like me lol". This forum is a preschool. I'll be leaving.
  2. I don't understand. Are you just on this thread to be sarcastic? I'm simply asking if someone wants to help make a game.
  3. Map designing and using the engine in general. I said I was looking for map designers because the more, the better. The project will be an RPG, so there will be a lot of areas to make.
  4. I have ideas for 2 different games, a medieval RPG and an FPS. I have average experience with Unity, but I don't know much about scripting or animating. I'm trying to get a group together and make one of the ideas into a game, and maybe more games in the future. Everyone on the team can suggest their own ideas as well. We will be using the "3rd Person Controller + Fly Mode" from the Asset Store as a template. Consider joining if: If you are good with modelling weapons and buildings If you have experience with scripting If you know how to animate (weapons, people, vehicles) I am making a sci-fi videogame in Unity. Currently I only have someone modelling. I will pay someone to script for the game in C#. PM me for details.
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