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  1. Wow. this is great Asset Dude
  2. GamezZz

    Nzn FPS Kit

    Dear Friend, I don't care whether you believed or not. but the truth is I didn't use UFPS kit for this project. If I used UFPS I don't take this much time to explain and not trying to prove it. here is my script list.
  3. GamezZz

    Nzn FPS Kit

    hands model brought from here - https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/14068 Yes, I use only UFPS sounds effects for testing purpose in this Video. but now whole sounds effects changed in my project Thanks You
  4. GamezZz

    Nzn FPS Kit

    How Remove Thread or move.Some one say Our showcase are publish in here.Please help
  5. GamezZz

    Nzn FPS Kit

    Hy Friends, This is my first scripting in Unity3D. I haven't any programming knowledge before. I used Javascript for development.(Little bit C#) Functions - 1. Walk/Sprint With Sounds (When Sprint Sound Change Dynamically in Wood, Grass, Concrete, Gravel) 2. Jump And Landing Sounds 3. Bullet Spread 4. Gun Sway 5. Reload Animation, Gun Recoil Animation Create Using Unity3D Animation Window. 6. Gun Model - Assault Rifle ( I hope Add Mp5, Shotgun, Ak-47, Uzi ) 7. Bullet Impacts (According to Metal, Grass & Gravel, Wood, Concrete) 8. Crouch. 9. Bullet Ejection & Drop Sound My Indie FPS Game in Progress Development. I Hope Next Time Polish My FPS Kit and Create Realistic AI System With Cover System (Now in Progress Development). Please Give me a feedback. Link - https://youtu.be/3QClmvcyBQ8
  6. GamezZz

    Sprint Problem

    I Create Sprint Animation using unity3d Animation window.how code when press w+left shift sprint and when walk sprint animation false.please help
  7. I want delay script/pause script until reload animation done.how do it in javascript.please help
  8. When Scene load my reload animation is automatically play and while that moment inputs are disable.After finish reloading set the input enable. How Script it that function in javacript.please reply
  9. GamezZz

    Ammo Hud

  10. GamezZz

    Ammo Hud

    var style : GUIStyle; function OnGUI() { if(beingHeld) { for(var i: int = 1; i <= currentClip; i++) { } style.fontSize = 50; ////Change Ammo HUD Size style.normal.textColor = Color.blue; /////Change Ammo Hud color style.font = Days Later.ttf; GUI.Label(Rect(1100,500,100,500),currentClip + " / " + currentExtraAmmo,style); } } i change color and size.how change font style in javascript.please help
  11. GamezZz

    Ammo Hud

    Thank You!!
  12. GamezZz

    Ammo Hud

    Sorry for my bad english. but i need large font size and change font type
  13. GamezZz

    Ammo Hud

    function OnGUI() { if(beingHeld) { for(var i: int = 1; i <= currentClip; i++) { } GUI.Label(ammoCountRect, currentClip.ToString() + "/" + currentExtraAmmo.ToString()); } } Here is my Ammo HUD code.how large font size and font type in HUD.Thank You
  14. my problem is when press right key("D") shell ejction is on left direction and when press left key ("A") bullet ejction is on right direction.how solve when press right key bullet ejection in only right side.please help
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