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  1. hahaha just refreshing memories .
  2. Found this really awesome presentations from the makers of INSIDE , can be really useful. The Rendering of INSIDE A Game That Listens also this unite 2016 presentation - Technologies for Reaching Stutter Free 60 FPS in INSIDE comment and add if you guys find more things about this game .
  3. Forwarding this Topic from Polycount Forum Polycount Link Unity and Polycount are pleased to announce Unity Connect. Here's a bit of text from Unity on what Unity Connect is and what they hoping for with this free service: "Connect is Unity’s newest app in Beta, a website that brings together the largest global community of Unity-related developers and artists online. Connect users can showcase their skills/projects, collaborate on projects, and search for other developers. Users may also post, or apply for jobs, as well as smaller, more finite tasks. Connect has a wide variety of talented users from concept artists to backend Scala developers. For individuals Connect provides the means to grow your career. For recruiters, Connect provides a one-stop shop to find the right people for game companies of every size." As with all big events, we've got a contest for ALL Unity devs this time, not just the artists out there. Here's all the official rules and details from the legal dept: Official Contest Rules Page Contest Start Date: November 18th, 2016 12:01 AM Pacific Contest End Date: December 18th, 2016 12:01 AM Pacific What to do to enter: a) Create your Profile at Unity Connect (minimum of at least 80% completion) Submit your Unity project in one of three categories: 3D , 2D or VR Projects could be anything from concept-art to a whole game, as long as you used Unity along the way. Each project in Connect will have many more showcase items, a gallery of either screenshots, videos, or Sketchfab with your description: (i.e. Here's my first iteration of Elvish Archer... Second iteration after feedback, etc) c) Download this 1024x1024 showcase item (“Polycount Sweepstakes”) and while creating a project, add this as one of your showcase items in order to be eligible. d) Along with your other tags on the project (i.e. #3D, #Sketchfab), tag your project with #polycount-2D, #polycount-3D, or #polycount-VRdepending on which category you are competing for. Prize/Giveaway Structure There will a grand prize for the project with the most likes, and a prize for every winner in each category. (2D, 3D, VR) (We will do a snapshot of the database when the competition ends) A winner cannot win more than one prize! More projects published can increase your chances. Grand Prize (One winner): 1 - HTC Vive ($799) 1 - 12 month subscription to Unity Pro ($1500) 1 - Unity Swag Bundle ($150) + Unity Tote Bag/Cards/Beanie 1 - Marmoset Toolkit License ($150) 1 - Allegorithmic Indie Substance Pack Allegorithmic ($300) For each winner in every category (2D/3D/VR) (3 Winners) 1 - 12 month subscription to Unity Pro ($1500) 1 - Unity Swag Bundle ($150) + Unity Tote Bag/Cards/Beanie 1 - Marmoset Toolkit License ($150) How to get Started If you have any questions or issues, please email connect_support@unity3d.com Login Go to https://connect.unity.com Login using your Unity ID credentials. If you don’t have a Unity ID, please create on If you have to create a Unity ID, you will have to fill out a form and verify your email. Once finished you’ll be ready to use Connect. Profile Please fill your profile as completely as possible (profile photo, cover photo, etc.) Remember you need a nearly fleshed out profile in order to be eligible! (at least 80%) Upload and Post your Project Add Project Name. Add Project Description. Upload as many showcase items that you feel best displays your project. Current compatible files are Images, Videos, Sketchfab. Add tags (remember to tag which category you’re competing for!) Add any contributors who helped you along the way. Publish! The more projects you publish the higher chance of winning. Thanks for taking the time to try our Unity Connect. Again, if you have any questions please feel free to contact connect_support@unity3d.com Frequently Asked Questions Where do I ask questions about or report an issue/bug? Please direct all questions or issues to connect_support@unity3d.com and we will get back to you as quickly as possible! Please provide as much detail as possible when reporting issues - provide a URL to the problem and/or screenshots to us. Thanks! Where can I see other people’s submissions? Login into http://connect.unity.com and go to ‘Discover’ and search with the competition tags above! Can a team participate in the contest? Only a submission from an individual can be a winner, and we leave it up to him or her to decide what to do with the prizes. Terms Types of Projects We accept all types of projects! Whether they're concept art for a new game or a working prototype of a VR experience, they're welcome on Connect. Only post projects you've worked on This really shouldn't need any explanation. We get it. A lot of people are involved in the creation of a game so there will be some overlap. Unfortunately abusers can have their account deleted if they are reported. No profanity or nudity Sorry, but Unity is used by developers, artists and creators of all ages, therefore NSFW content is not allowed to be displayed in the case that minors could be using the site. No racial, religious, gender or sexual orientation prejudice We take no exceptions. This will cause your account to be deleted. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE OF ANY KIND WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. FOR FULL RULES: https://connect.unity.com/public/pages/contest/polycount.htm
  4. It was pretty awesome movie at that time i saw it ,name of the movie is Robot ..and its not as same as terminator ..Problem in Bollywood is they spent most of the money on actors and sets and promotion , and from visual effects department they accept a high quality work in less money which make every artists life miserable ,so most of good artists in India prefer to work for Hollywood movies because they are paid good amount of money which motivates them for quality work.
  5. this is the reference for caricature -http://img15.deviantart.net/5f45/i/2012/092/3/5/breaking_bad_caricature___walter_white_by_sycra-d4utfbo.jpg ,i didn't did the beard For the tattoo i will work on it ,Thanks That ak-47 is a old model , i don't have much models as my pc's hard disk fried 2 months ago i ripped that ak - 47 image from Dropbox i uploaded long ago ,i think i should remove it, what do you guys think ?
  6. Hey everyone i have been working on my portfolio from last few months and its still in W.I.P ,but i have a job interview on Monday ,so i thought to share my work and get some feedback from forums This a WIP highpoly zbrush render
  7. Artistgames is a small game outsourcing company in Poland,and is seeking for translator and a social media handeler. It is a freelance job with monthly payment. Translator - must know polish language and English. PM me if interested
  8. If your environment is optimized, you don't have to kill your graphics, Start creating lod's ,optimize you textures..i will recommend you to use 512*512 for most of the small models.. Or watch the digital tutors , professional studio assets creation series.it will help you a lot..if you can't pay for it just torrent it..like me.. Good luck
  9. Looking for short paid Projects,no game end share please, I can create Props and weapons Contact me - kshubham331@gmail.com Skype - kshubham331 or PM me Few Screenshots
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