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  1. Welcome, my friend! I hope you find people to work with and create a wonderful game.
  2. Grab your free key Game: Battlerite on steam Link:https://www.gameitems.com/get-your-battlerite-free-steam-access-1195.html
  3. You are advertising his kit I don't really mind haha. I am too broke to buy something right now.... Mars's kit looks amazing! Tbh, I always was wondering where did he got his C# knowledge!!!
  4. Looks Amazing! I didn't know that you can model
  5. Amazing game bro! It reminds me of Asian counter strike idk why. I saw your gameplays and I like them, but there is one issue when you aim it would be great if you reduce the swaying, but mostly great game. I would like to play your game!
  6. Welcome to the community. I checked out your work and they are all good and nice, but next time you share your work with us pls use artstation.com , because in photobucket are full of ads OMG...
  7. You are right, but wont they say that his game is rip off from other game too?
  8. @morten2808 There are many MMO's like @gallighan's, so what now? Its not a new genre or something different, so what is wrong with the 3D mmo's like WoW.
  9. Bro, I am interested why you are making 2D not 3D MMO. Don't you like 3D or you just don't have the time creating 3D models? The project sure looks good, but if it was WoW like style I'd play it for sure.
  10. DeadMou67


    @geckoo I don't remember when, but you told me that you are French and I saw your youtube channel there were something written, but I don't understand it. And thank you for correcting me I just don't write "Mercy" much instead I spell it.
  11. DeadMou67


    Bro, I know only Mersi xDD
  12. DeadMou67


    You are French?
  13. This is cool, but why Halo?
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