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  1. looking good, and I like the colors you used in the game. It feels so happy and satisfying.
  2. did you write me down there, because I want to try my luck out.
  3. The new project looks really interesting than the last one. Keep it up
  4. Haha, this looks legit! The soundtrack is awesome, but can you answer me 1 question? Is the music played everywhere like in water outside the water if yes then I suggest you to add some changes to your game by making the music play differently in the water. I don't know if understand me the right way, but I hope you did and again I like the music!
  5. Oh, and the customization in game(in real time) just like in TF2 like geckoo said
  6. if you can add some game modes then add payload, capture the flag and capture the point. I don't know what others think, but shooters like run and shoot are really boring and not interested like COD Infinite warfare(multiplayer version and that is just my opinion) Good luck with the kit.
  7. I'd like to try but I don't think I have 20 posts at least. Sad situation .
  8. 1 question, is that a robot? You have to UV map it first then go to texturing software like(substance painter 2...) and bake it there, but if don't know how to use it just watch tutorials on YouTube. That's it, good luck!
  9. ty for the help.
  10. I don't understand what are you trying to say maybe you can send me some screenshots or a tutorial video? (I am using Blender for modeling and the textures are made by andrijaalp)
  11. Hello guys, I need help with my model that I have made for my game(will never release, because I don't have the skills and a team). If someone have ever faced that problem with the mesh model in unity 5.5/5.6 and you have ever fixed that problem please leave a comment below with an answer. The help will be appreciated a lot. Credits: Andrijaalp(Textures). DeadMou67(Model).
  12. Damn bro, If you are not lying about your age and children then welcome to armedunity community and good luck with the C# programming
  13. Bro, I suggest you to get a white board and plan what your game will be or else you will end up like a 12 years old kid with no knowledge how to implement the advanced features and will start asking people for help, models or even ready made projects. By that I mean you will not have future in game development + if you are studying at school, you will not have any time on your project even if you got team, but if you are genius and you have a lot of experience you will end up like Markus Person(with his Minecraft) or someone else. Good luck with the ideas!
  14. I want to tell you that open world games aren't new. Just you know
  15. ty for reply and for the informations