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  2. very good voice, how do I contact him? Im interested in collabing with him, here is my music:
  3. Heres a little short one i did
  4. thanks, and thats just the ending
  5. Enjoy and please leave me feedback
  6. Second Rap
  7. Heres an updated version:
  8. Peep this preview of my next one, stil needs a lot of work, but its a rough draft, im going to rewrite the 2nd verse btw
  9. thank you
  10. This is my first remix and recording i've ever done, Its at a point where im satisfied with it and want to move on but im still proud of it. I'd love to hear some feedback from you guys, thanks
  11. `Dynamic`
  12. Definatley
  13. you need to fix your vocals up, its really quick and easy to do in audacity, thats the main problem, is the sound of the vocals has too much reverb from the room and isnt clear enough
  14. Smooth those normals!!!