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  1. Checked the release date and it looks like it's on 12th September!! But it's a free update so I guess I'll get win 8.0 now
  2. lol ok I'll def get windows 8 Tried it on a VM and I don't think it's so bad... Much more intuitive that windows 7 I'll have this machine for like 5 years
  3. Hi guys! I finally decided to go the windows route and I'd like to share my components! zotac GTX 760, perfect for 1080p monitors, a 770 is overkill xD about 200£ intel i5 4670k, no need for a i7 4770k cause unity doesnt support hyperthreading... :/ 1600£ Crucial DDR3 BallistiX Sport 16GB KIT 800£ Kingston SSDNow V300 240GB 2.5" 1200£ corsair 500w PSU 500£ ASUS Z87-A, Socket-1150 900£ Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl 700£ BenQ 24" LED RL2455HM got it for 139£ (the site had a supersale!), but normally costs like 170£ or something Razer DeathStalker Essential got it for 40£ (again sale! ) Anker 8000dpi gaming mouse 26£ random dvd drive from asus 180£ I haven't recieved it yet so I'll post some pics when I get it! I'm thinking about running win8 on this machine! What do you guys think? It's my first ever build!
  4. My game is already popular I've never tried mac (only in stores) so I've no idea how it's like in the real world if you know what I mean. But just by looking at it, it seems to be so much better then win7 that Im cur using!
  5. I sometimes wish that Sweden should have the system that u americans have! 90% of all teens are unemployed (or <80% I dont remember) And you get everything for free aswell! I'm serious, u get a laptop (worth 1250 us$), driving lessons and all that!
  6. I'm not really a gamer, and LoL is now available on mac so that's kind of all I really need! LoL + Unity + Photoshop + SomeAdvancedVideoEditingSoftware! And of course I'll be running all of them at the same time!
  7. Good build! Lol I'm subscribed to duncan3303 so I've already seen it When u get it please let us know how it's like I'll! Btw I've been wondering if I should get mac os x compatible parts and have windows and mac on it! this site has good info http://www.tonymacx86.com/371-building-customac-buyer-s-guide-july-2013.html
  8. Sooo it's "back to school" season right now and I'm looking to get a new computer! First, I wanted the retina macbook pro 15 or 13 but they never updated it with haswell, and I've been waiting for like 5 months now...! And rumors say that it will get a update in oktober!!! So I thought maybe I should go the "build a pc" way and choose components, but is it really necessarily to have that much power for just making android games and some league of legends?! I have no idea what to choose, mac or pc?! Money is no problem here so dont say "get a pc bcz mac is expensive"! Btw does this sound good? GTX 760 4770K intel 180 gb SSD Does unity use hyperthreading? Will it be faster or can I just get a 4670K? thanks!
  9. I've been there too I was raging so hard cuz the touhpad was so unprofessional xD Now a year later I've learned so much and I've coded a ultra smooth MC4/COD like "mouselook" But I've put sooo much time in it that I don't feel like releasing it for free to everyone :/ I never downloaded it, just watched the video
  10. I don't wanna sound like a hater but the controls are terrible... But other than that It's pretty cool Look at modern combat 4, holy moly dat mouselook or should I say touchlook:
  11. If some of you played modern combat 3 fallen nation (iOS FPS) you will notice that most of the guns are from COD but with different names... lol
  12. get Virtual controls suite from assets store It's a must have! then convert a regular mouse look to work with VCS var horizontal var vertical to var joy.AxisX var joy.AxisY the joysticks from unity is a big peace of sh*t
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