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  1. Kinda awkward to ask but can someone texture this somewhat properly xd ?
  2. Typhon

    Bolt Networking

    They give a example project which is kinda updated, I got the hang of it pretty quickly and things haven't changed that much from the old docs, new gui and a couple of callback events changed.
  3. Well if facing the same direction is your goal you can just say. transform.forward = Camera.main.forward.
  4. For there to be any kind of electricity going through you need to have your circuit connected to the positive and negative side of the generator. Didn't quite understand what u meant by "to one row". And yeah I said the LED thing in the video and to just look at it as a indicator, if it is green means current is passing through.
  5. So you want the green to be pointing in the same direction as the red one ? If I got it right?
  6. Hey, this will be one of the systems for a survival game I m developing ! Edit: Added an actual LED that works!
  7. Considering his original question I don't think he will understand that..
  8. It will be server sided, it doesn't have any difference with what u were trying to do only this way is more efficient. Server Sided logic its not about the server worrying about what the client is doing with the information we give them its about not letting the client manipulate data on the server it self. Lets say the server sends to all the players the hats information, array or whatever, if by some weird reason one of the client changes that hat on their side it wont matter, all the others will still see the same hat no matter what since the information on the server hasn't changed.
  9. You only send changes when changes happen no reason to send it every frame. Once is enough.
  10. I think you can do it differently. Instead of spawning it and having another networked object to worry about you should have like a list of clothing and handle the clothing yourself client sided. So when that list changes you look for the gameobject and spawn it already parented and when someone connects you just send them that array/list or whatever.
  11. Nope, sorry not optimized at all for mobile.
  12. I used the built in unity network system, better known as racknet.
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