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    Film Directing im also in to working out at the gym that my life i do that 90% of the time if im not on here im at the gym MAKING ALL KINDS OF GAINS haha

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  1. what happened to the sky little details like that really set off the picture
  2. One in the chamber haha
  3. in the 1800s haha they shaped a rock they found in to the pickaxe head
  4. Heres an Inventory System http://brackeys.com/inventory/
  5. Gecko

    Swimming system?

    Thank you man will try when i get home
  6. Gecko

    Swimming system?

    i am making a new survival game and i was going to add swimming to the game i can not find a good tut and i need help to get this down can anyone help me ?
  7. i would like to see the model when your done
  8. U making a 3d model with this?
  9. i bought it but it wont let me play it
  10. Gecko


    this is the car i am driving now http://gyazo.com/6e793178ac0a291074ed919e98336f4e the engine http://gyazo.com/5f02a22d09dd3d19896ecdb9bfa8a0a4
  11. Gecko

    Props modelling

    can you make a space shuttle interior? with textures?
  12. Everyone who was apart of the game will be in the credits
  13. Gravity is a game im making based in space (Like the Movie yes) i need people who can model and script this game is based in space where your ship has broke down and needs to be repaired an you need to find and survive in space to fix your ship and get back to earth you will have to find oxygen and other important factors in your ships and other broken down ships form other old missions. there will be more into the story message me if you have anymore questions this is just the start will be better in farther development What i Have now http://gyazo.com/249562f997bf1ce89318708fa87e837a http://gyazo.com/f57c558e868f2012262795376fbbd616
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