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  1. So... I have an inventory system And I am saving this inventory as a string (string inventory = "1 2 3 4 5"; where numbers are item's ID's) My question is - how to make that line space will be read as end of old item and start of new? EDIT: Okay, I've done it. Right now i am replacing space field with line break. Then using foreach new line... and here we go! Topic locked
  2. Okay I've fixed it - Changed Animation.Crossfade to Animation.Play ! Thanks for help OMA
  3. I'll do it
  4. But in older Unity version it was working, I changed a lot of in your kit (I don't want the project) I think that is something wrong with colliders :/
  5. Hello m8! When I am changing run animation from default to my own (As in video) the gun while sprinting is shaking and moving pretty weird. Can someone help me? I used default animation file, the same animation length etc. I changed only gun positions to make run animation. My unity version is 5.4.4, on older version it worked perfectly :/ I don't know what I should do! Thanks for help guys. Video :
  6. Nice I am going to make multiplayer version of it
  7. Thanks
  8. Download: HERE Feel free to use, It was my third try to model something Preview:
  9. first make public AudioClip voice1; and public AudioSource audio; then you can change audio clip using audio.Play(voice1); if you want to attach more sounds, use public AudioClip[] voices; and then audio.Play(voices[number of voice what should be runned]);
  10. really nice
  11. Okay I've done it. If someone had this problem, I used PhotonNetwork.GetRoomList().Length
  12. So, I want to make something like this: when player will click "Find Players" button: -If there isn't any server, make server(CreateUsingSettings) -If there is not full server, join to it (JoinRandomRoom) My problem is: How to check amount of the not full or all servers? Thanks for any answer
  13. Hi! (Sorry for my pretty shitty english on the video) Video: Download: If you want to support: If you don't want to Support: It's early version of the kit, write what do you want to see in the package Controls: Z - Crawling Left Control - Crouching V - Vaulting Left Shift - Sprinting